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1. There are two leaves on the ground, but many leaves on the tree.
2. Here is one stone, here are two stones, here are three stones.

Cardinal numeral. It is recommendable to keep this apart from the respective element of the numeric row one, two, three, four… used in counting. Same contexts as in No.65 'one'. (Kassian et al. 2010)

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

ID Language Source Form Phonological Form Notes Cognate Class
114 Proto-Indo-European *dwóh₁; *dwó A View
80 Hittite dān (adv.) A View
134 Lycian kbi A View
81 Tocharian A wu A View
82 Tocharian B wi A View
88 Albanian dy From PAlb *duwō, fem. *duwai. A View
143 Standard Albanian dy A View
2 Albanian Sicily dy From PAlb *duwō, fem. *duwai. A View
4 Albanian Corinth dy From PAlb *duwō, fem. *duwai. A View
3 Albanian Gheg dy From PAlb *duwō, fem. *duwai. A View
6 Albanian Tosk dy From PAlb *duwō, fem. *duwai. A View
173 Mycenaean Greek dwo du̯o̞(ː) Attested in PY Ub 1315 ... A View
110 Ancient Greek δύο dýo G.D. δυοῖν (inflected as ... A View
152 Tsakonian δυου A View
32 Greek δύο ˈðiˌo̞ A View
31 Greek Lesbos DUO A View
129 Classical Armenian երկու erkow A View
8 Armenian Eastern erku jɛɾˈku A View
7 Armenian Western YERGU A View
128 Avestan duua A View
131 Old Persian *duva- A View
136 Sogdian ’δw’ Manichean A View
75 Wakhi BOJ A View
9 Baluchi DO A View
118 Kurdish du A View
72 Tajik DU A View
54 Persian DO A View
77 Waziri DWA A View
1 Pashto DVA A View
138 Shughni du A View
52 Ossetic duuae dɨwwæ A View
124 Ossetic Iron dywɐ dywɐ A View
125 Ossetic Digor duwɐ duwɐ A View
141 Kata-viri duⁱ A View
154 Vasi-vari A View
153 Askunu A View
105 Vedic Sanskrit dvá̄ A View
162 Pāḷī dvi A View
41 Khaskura DUITA, DUI A View
51 Nepali dui dui A View
106 Assamese dui dui AF duyō-go, dūgo ... A View
102 Oriya dui dui A View
10 Bengali DUI A View
111 Bihari du du A View
144 Magahi दू d̪u View
151 Bhojpuri dúi, dú A View
104 Marwari dōy AF do A View
104 Marwari bē A View
35 Hindi DO A View
119 Urdu دو d̪o A View
103 Sindhi b̑ə b̑ə AF b̄a A View
43 Lahnda DU A View
53 Punjabi do do A View
33 Gujarati BE A View
50 Marathi don don A View
40 Kashmiri ZAH (DOYE = OBL.) A View
65 Sinhalese deka dekə A View
34 Romani Greece DUI A View
100 Old Church Slavonic дъва dʊ̆vɑ A View
95 Serbo-Croatian dva dvâː A View
15 Bulgarian два dva A View
92 Macedonian два dva A View
60 Russian два dva A View
55 Polish dwa dva A View
16 Belarusian два dva A View
73 Ukrainian два dʋa A View
66 Slovak dva dva A View
18 Czech dva dva A View
48 Sorbian Upper dwaj dwaj A View
47 Sorbian Lower dwa dwa A View
97 Slovenian dva dvâː A View
108 Old Prussian dwai A View
44 Latvian divi A View
46 Lithuanian DU, DVI A View
109 Old Norse tveir tvɛir A View
36 Icelandic tveir tveiːr A View
23 Faroese tveir tʰvaiːɹ A View
58 Norwegian Riksmal to tuː A View
159 Stavangersk to tuː A View
157 Old Swedish tver tveːr A View
69 Swedish två tvo: A View
71 Swedish Vilhelmina TZVA A View
70 Swedish Uppland TVA A View
145 Elfdalian twå twɔː Inflected forms: M "twer"; F ... A View
20 Danish to d̥ʰoˀ A View
158 Danish Fjolde tuo tuo A View
160 Old Gutnish tu A View
161 Gutnish Lau tva tvɑː A View
99 Old English twēgen AF: tu A View
22 English two tu: A View
26 Frisian twa tva: A View
21 Dutch twee twe A View
24 Flemish TWEE A View
83 Afrikaans TWEE A View
87 Sranan TOE A View
126 Old High German zwēne A View
27 German zwei t͜svaĭ A View
86 Pennsylvania Dutch ZWAY A View
120 Luxembourgish zwee A View
121 German Switzerland zwöi A View
107 Gothic twai A View
132 Umbrian dur A View
112 Latin duo ˈduo duōrum A View
17 Catalan dos dos A View
56 Portuguese dois doiʃ Replaced DOUS. A View
68 Spanish dos dos A View
61 Sardinian Cagliari DUSU A View
62 Sardinian Logudoro DUOS A View
63 Sardinian Nuoro DUOS A View
85 French Creole Dominica DE A View
76 Walloon DEUS A View
25 French deux A View
57 Provencal DOUS, DOS A View
42 Ladin DUOS A View
146 Dolomite Ladino dói Online dictionary gives same form ... A View
123 Romansh dus A View
122 Friulian doi (m), dôs (f) A View
39 Italian due 'due A View
59 Romanian doi doj A View
74 Vlach DWAWE A View
140 Gaulish (uo-)dui A View
127 Old Irish da: Blažek gives simply da. A View
101 Middle Cornish dew (m.), diu (f.) dɛˑʊ, diˑʊ A View
148 Old Breton dou A View
172 Middle Breton dou, daou m. ˈdou, ˈdau The corresponding feminine form is ... View
12 Breton daou (m.), div (f.) A View
150 Old Welsh dou A View
79 Welsh dau (m.), dwy (f.) A View
38 Irish dhá A View
115 Scottish Gaelic A View
147 Manx jees A View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T dy dy From PAlb *duwō, fem. *duwai. A View
29 [Legacy] Greek K DUO A View
28 [Legacy] Greek D DUO A View
30 [Legacy] Greek Md DUO A View
64 [Legacy] Serbocroatian DVA A View
113 [Legacy] Serbian dva dʋâ: A View
89 [Legacy] Bulgarian P DVA A View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian DVA, DVE A View
94 [Legacy] Russian P DVA A View
93 [Legacy] Polish P DWA A View
90 [Legacy] Byelorussian P DVA A View
98 [Legacy] Ukrainian P DVA A View
19 [Legacy] Czech E DVA A View
96 [Legacy] Slovak P DVA A View
91 [Legacy] Czech P DVA A View
67 [Legacy] Slovenian DUA A View
45 [Legacy] Lithuanian O DU, DVI A View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian dois dois A View
142 [Legacy] German Munich zwei < Pr. Germ. *twa- 'two. A View
84 [Legacy] French Creole C DE A View
14 [Legacy] Breton St daou dɔw A View
13 [Legacy] Breton Se DEU A View
78 [Legacy] Welsh C DAU A View
37 [Legacy] Irish A DO (DHA) A View