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1. I am well acquainted with this tale, but do not remember that one.
2. I know this man, but I do not know that one.

Demonstrative pronoun with adjectival functions. Not to be confused with ‘another’. A complex case, since in a great part of the world’s languages the pronominal systems of spatial deixis are much more complex than the binary opposition this ~ that in Modern English. Such systems can include several degrees of proximity (both on the horizontal and vertical axis), references to the location of the speaker and the addressee, or indication of some special features of the object (e.g., animate/inanimate or visible/invisible). It is recommended to try to reveal the most basic binary opposition between ‘this’ (close) and ‘that’ (far away). If this is completely impossible, several (standardly three) pronouns should be listed as synonyms. (Kassian et al. 2010)

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

ID Language Source Form Phonological Form Notes Cognate Class
114 Proto-Indo-European *só, *séh₂, *tód B View
80 Hittite apās de Vaan gives asi, uni ... L View
133 Luvian apās L View
135 Palaic apa- L View
81 Tocharian A säm cf. /lexeme/23229/ B View
82 Tocharian B samp cf. /lexeme/23434/ B View
82 Tocharian B su B View
88 Albanian ky (m.), kjo (f.) split from DKB. See rather ... (B) View
88 Albanian ai, ay (m.), ajo (f.), ata (n.) Also he and she, respectively ... B View
143 Standard Albanian atë B View
2 Albanian Sicily ai, ay (m.), ajo (f.), ata (n.) Also he and she, respectively ... B View
4 Albanian Corinth ai, ay (m.), ajo (f.), ata (n.) Also he and she, respectively ... B View
3 Albanian Gheg ai, ay (m.), ajo (f.), ata (n.) Also he and she, respectively ... B View
6 Albanian Tosk ai, ay (m.), ajo (f.), ata (n.) Also he and she, respectively ... B View
110 Ancient Greek ἐκεῖνος ekȇːnos ἐκείνου orig. comp ... F, I View
152 Tsakonian ετηνε, ετηνα, εκειν Masculine, feminine, neuter forms respectively. F, I View
32 Greek εκείνο e̞ˈcino̞ split from DKB, orig. comp ... F, I View
32 Greek να EXCLUDE. split from DKB (G) View
31 Greek Lesbos EKEINOS cf. /lexeme/18947/ F, I View
129 Classical Armenian ayn Same root as in /cognate ... B View
8 Armenian Eastern ayn ɑɪ̯n B View
7 Armenian Western AYT B View
128 Avestan B View
131 Old Persian ava View
136 Sogdian xw Manichean B View
75 Wakhi YA C View
9 Baluchi AN rather /cognate/2436/? C View
118 Kurdish ew View
72 Tajik on ɔːn AF: XAMON, rather /cognate/2436/? B View
54 Persian AN (UN) rather /cognate/2436/? comp. OPers ... B View
77 Waziri AGHA, HAGHA A View
1 Pashto HAGA, HUGA A View
138 Shughni yā View
52 Ossetic ucy wɨtsɨ C View
124 Ossetic Iron wusy wusy C View
125 Ossetic Digor ječi ječi View
141 Kata-viri iki M View
154 Vasi-vari (u)wū Dubious. Related to ātman 'self'. N View
154 Vasi-vari Identical to /lexeme/32878/ 'this'. View
153 Askunu yäk M View
153 Askunu Related to /lexeme/7835/? View
153 Askunu səkə B View
153 Askunu poi N View
105 Vedic Sanskrit B View
162 Pāḷī tad B View
41 Khaskura TIO B View
51 Nepali U split from DKB J View
51 Nepali TYO split from DKB, 'he, she ... B View
106 Assamese xeito xeito Turner gives XI, TA B View
106 Assamese h̰i(ye) ‘that, he’ com. gen. (non-hon ... View
106 Assamese teõ, tẽwe that, he' com. gen. (honorific ... B View
106 Assamese au AF o, u (demonstr.) View
102 Oriya se(iṭa) se(iʈa) distal demonstr. B View
10 Bengali SETA, OTA Turner gives SE, TAHA B View
111 Bihari je View
111 Bihari o o hon.+non-hon. remote, AF u J View
144 Magahi ʊ Identical to /lexeme/30887/ 'he'. View
151 Bhojpuri u J View
104 Marwari bo bo masc., ba (f.) (prox. demonstr ... View
35 Hindi voh vo Turner gives WAH. Same as ... J View
119 Urdu وُہ woʰ cf. Hindi J View
103 Sindhi uhā ‘that, f.’ J View
103 Sindhi hū/ō AF ū, ō, mean also ... J View
103 Sindhi sō ‘that one, m.’ B View
43 Lahnda O Turner gives UH J View
53 Punjabi O J View
33 Gujarati PELU Related to /lexeme/32766/? View
50 Marathi to, tī, te to, ti:, te Masc, fem, neut. B View
40 Kashmiri TIH split from DKB B View
40 Kashmiri ATH split from DKB B View
65 Sinhalese oyə ojə cf. Bahari and Assamese for ... View
65 Sinhalese arə aɾə View
65 Sinhalese ee e: View
65 Sinhalese AKA C View
34 Romani Greece KODOVA cf. /lexeme/8025/ C View
100 Old Church Slavonic тъ tʊ̆ Alternative lexemes are 'овъ' and ... B View
100 Old Church Slavonic онъ ɔnʊ̆ Alternative lexemes are 'овъ' and ... F View
95 Serbo-Croatian taj tâːj That one which is close ... B View
95 Serbo-Croatian onaj ˈɔ̌naːj That one which is (very ... F View
15 Bulgarian онзи ˈɔnzi F View
92 Macedonian тој toj That one which is close ... B View
92 Macedonian оној ˈonɔj F View
60 Russian тот tɔt B View
55 Polish tamten ˈtamtɛn Compound word: tam '(over) there ... B View
16 Belarusian той tɔj B View
73 Ukrainian той tɔj B View
66 Slovak tamten tamtɛn B View
18 Czech tamten ˈtamtɛn An alternative lexeme is 'onen ... B View
48 Sorbian Upper tamny ˈtamnɘ̟ An adjective pronoun derived from ... B View
47 Sorbian Lower wóny ˈwɘ̟nɘ̟ F View
47 Sorbian Lower tamny ˈtamnɘ̟ An adjective pronoun derived from ... B View
97 Slovenian tisti ˈtǐːsti An alternative lexeme is 'oni ... B View
108 Old Prussian stas H View
44 Latvian tas B View
46 Lithuanian TAS B View
109 Old Norse sá saː B View
109 Old Norse þat θat opp. of this: hinn, hitt B View
36 Icelandic sauː B View
36 Icelandic þessi ˈθɛsːɪ B View
36 Icelandic hinn hɪnː O View
23 Faroese hasin ˈhɛaːsɪn split from DKB P View
23 Faroese tann tʰanː split from DKB B View
58 Norwegian Riksmal den dɛnː B View
159 Stavangersk denne, dette, disse ˈdɛ̀nːə, ˈdɛ̀tːə, ˈdɪ̀sːə B View
157 Old Swedish thänne ˈθænːe B View
157 Old Swedish sar saːr B View
69 Swedish denne, denna ˈdɛ̀nə, ˈdɛ̀na Removed DETTA. B View
71 Swedish Vilhelmina A DANA B View
70 Swedish Uppland ATT B View
145 Elfdalian eð-dar; an-dar; ą̊-dar ɛːðˈdɑːr; ɑnˈdɑːr; õːˈdɑːr "Distal" forms of N, M ... B View
20 Danish den, det dɛn, de B View
158 Danish Fjolde dænd dænʲ B View
160 Old Gutnish þann B View
161 Gutnish Lau dän där dɛnː (dɛːr) B View
99 Old English sē B View
22 English that ðæt B View
26 Frisian dat dɔt removed DET. B View
21 Dutch die, dat, gene di, dɑt, 'ɣenə B View
24 Flemish DAT, DIE B View
83 Afrikaans DAT B View
87 Sranan DATI B View
126 Old High German der View
27 German jener je:nɐ split from DKB G View
27 German das das split from DKB B View
86 Pennsylvania Dutch ASZ B View
120 Luxembourgish dat B View
121 German Switzerland dä/die/das B View
107 Gothic sa B View
130 Oscan úlleis gen. View
132 Umbrian uru abl. View
132 Umbrian ulu adv. View
112 Latin ille ˈilːe illīus; ille, illa ... E View
17 Catalan aquell ə’kɛʎ View
17 Catalan aquiex ə'kɛʃ removed ES and EIX. D, E View
56 Portuguese aquilo ɐˈkilu Removed AQUELLE. Removed second -L-. D, E View
68 Spanish aquel a'kel D, E View
68 Spanish ese 'ese View
61 Sardinian Cagliari KUDDU D, E View
62 Sardinian Logudoro CUDDU D, E View
63 Sardinian Nuoro KUSSU D, E View
85 French Creole Dominica SA D View
76 Walloon COULA D, E View
25 French cela səla D, E View
57 Provencal AQUEST, ESTO D, E View
42 Ladin QUEL split from DKB D, E View
42 Ladin LESS split from DKB View
146 Dolomite Ladino chèl Online dictionary gives same form ... D, E View
123 Romansh gliez, lez(za) E View
123 Romansh quel(la) < Lat eccum + ille D, E View
122 Friulian lui, le E View
122 Friulian chel, chê D, E View
39 Italian quel kwel Base form. Declines according to ... D, E View
59 Romanian acela aˈʧela Removed ACE(E)A. D, E View
74 Vlach ACEL D, E View
140 Gaulish se, so, san(a) B View
127 Old Irish sin sʹinʹ B View
101 Middle Cornish henna 'hɛn:a B View
101 Middle Cornish an…se (B) View
101 Middle Cornish na na View
172 Middle Breton hennez, honnez, hounnez, an re-se pl. ˈhenːes, ˈhonːes, arˈreːze hennez, honnez f ... View
172 Middle Breton an ... se se The definite article and the ... View
12 Breton se an dra se B View
79 Welsh hwnnw B View
38 Irish sin B View
115 Scottish Gaelic an...siud an, ən...ʃʲud (B) View
115 Scottish Gaelic sin B View
147 Manx shen B View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T ai, aj (m.), ajo (f.) Also he and she, respectively ... B View
29 [Legacy] Greek K HOTI see Walde: 1.188 (fr ... K View
28 [Legacy] Greek D HOTI K View
30 [Legacy] Greek Md EKEINOS cf. /lexeme/18947/ F, I View
64 [Legacy] Serbocroatian DA View
113 [Legacy] Serbian onaj deictic: distal View
113 [Legacy] Serbian taj tâːj View
89 [Legacy] Bulgarian P ON A F View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian ONOJ split from DKB F View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian toa tɔa split from DKB. Changed from ... B View
94 [Legacy] Russian P TOT B View
93 [Legacy] Polish P TAMTEN B View
90 [Legacy] Byelorussian P TOJ B View
98 [Legacy] Ukrainian P TOJ B View
19 [Legacy] Czech E TO B View
96 [Legacy] Slovak P ONEN F View
91 [Legacy] Czech P ONEN F View
67 [Legacy] Slovenian TISTO B View
45 [Legacy] Lithuanian O TAS B View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian aquilo aˈkilu Changed from AQUELE. D, E View
142 [Legacy] German Munich dies-er/-es/-en Same as /lexeme/30536/ 'this ... View
84 [Legacy] French Creole C SA D View
14 [Legacy] Breton St an...-se ãn...-se B View
14 [Legacy] Breton St hennezh B View
13 [Legacy] Breton Se EN...-SE B View
78 [Legacy] Welsh C HWNNA B View
37 [Legacy] Irish A SAN B View