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1. The dog is in the basket.
2. The [insert name of local fruit] is in the bowl.

It is plausible that a given language will have more than one word to express the location 'in' and that the use of these words will be conditioned by a variety of factors, thus this is a difficult lexeme to elicit comprehensively.

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

ID Language Source Form Phonological Form Notes Cognate Class
114 Proto-Indo-European *h₁en, *h₁en-ter E View
80 Hittite andan (adv.) E View
133 Luvian ānta E View
134 Lycian ñte E View
81 Tocharian A aṃ clitic P View
82 Tocharian B ne clitic P View
88 Albanian NE E View
143 Standard Albanian Orel gives the parallel form ... E View
2 Albanian Sicily TE View
4 Albanian Corinth NDE E View
3 Albanian Gheg NE E View
6 Albanian Tosk BRENDA C View
110 Ancient Greek ἐν en Preposition (+dat.); w/ acc. 'into' E View
32 Greek se, is se̞, is Added -i to S. G View
32 Greek εν e̞n E View
31 Greek Lesbos MESA G View
129 Classical Armenian ի ~ յ- i ~ j- Traditional pronunciation: ի [i] (before ... E View
8 Armenian Eastern i (E) View
8 Armenian Eastern meǰ mɛʧʰ Genitive + meǰ. D View
8 Armenian Eastern -um um View
7 Armenian Western MECHE D View
136 Sogdian pr Christian A View
9 Baluchi NIANWAN, LAFA, SARA Q View
137 Zazaki -di N View
72 Tajik dar dær Also 'at, to'. N View
72 Tajik BA View
54 Persian DAR N View
77 Waziri KSHE, PA...KSHE A View
1 Pashto PE...KI A View
138 Shughni tar N View
139 Sarikoli dar; paδer N View
52 Ossetic -y Affix. O View
52 Ossetic -MAE suffix D View
52 Ossetic - AEJ View
124 Ossetic Iron -y -y suffix O View
125 Ossetic Digor -i -i suffix O View
125 Ossetic Digor χurfi χurfi View
105 Vedic Sanskrit madhye ‘within, amongst, between’, Borhooah gives ... (G) View
105 Vedic Sanskrit antár E View
162 Pāḷī antara E View
41 Khaskura MA G View
51 Nepali MA G View
106 Assamese bhitɒrɒt bhitɒrɒt ‘in, inside’ H View
102 Oriya bhitɔre bhitɔre ‘inside, interior’ H View
10 Bengali ONDOR E View
111 Bihari me G View
111 Bihari bhitər bhitər ‘in, inside’ H View
144 Magahi में mẽ G View
104 Marwari māṃyaṃ Tora. (?) ‘in, within’, māṃyanai (Shekh ... G View
104 Marwari G View
35 Hindi ENDER split from DKB E View
35 Hindi -me mẽ split from DKB. Also 'at'. G View
119 Urdu اندر ʔənd̪əɾ split from DKB E View
119 Urdu میں، mẽ split from DKB G View
103 Sindhi andare ‘inside, within’ (from andaru ‘the ... E View
103 Sindhi mẽ(s) mẽ(s) ‘in, into, within’ G View
43 Lahnda ENDER E View
53 Punjabi ENDER E View
33 Gujarati ENDER split from DKB E View
33 Gujarati MA split from DKB G View
50 Marathi -medhe split from DKB G View
50 Marathi āt at split from DKB I View
40 Kashmiri MANZ G View
65 Sinhalese hi atula œtulə I View
34 Romani Greece ANDRE E View
100 Old Church Slavonic въ vʊ̆ E View
95 Serbo-Croatian u u Serbo-Croatian 'u' used with Locative ... E View
15 Bulgarian в(ъв) v(ɤf) E View
92 Macedonian во E View
60 Russian в v E View
55 Polish w v E View
16 Belarusian у u Depending on the context alternative ... E View
73 Ukrainian в ʋ Depending on the phonetic context ... E View
66 Slovak v(o) v(ɔ) E View
18 Czech v(e) v(ɛ) E View
48 Sorbian Upper w(e) w(ɛ) E View
47 Sorbian Lower w(e) w(ɛ) E View
97 Slovenian v v E View
108 Old Prussian ēn E View
44 Latvian iekš E View
46 Lithuanian į i: E View
109 Old Norse E View
36 Icelandic í E View
23 Faroese í ʊiː E View
58 Norwegian Riksmal i E View
159 Stavangersk i E View
157 Old Swedish i E View
69 Swedish po: means 'on' (R) View
69 Swedish uti 'ʉ:ti split from DKB (S) View
69 Swedish i iː, ɪ split from DKB E View
71 Swedish Vilhelmina INI, I E View
70 Swedish Uppland I E View
145 Elfdalian i ɪː often compounded e.g. down-in ... E View
20 Danish i i E View
158 Danish Fjolde i i E View
160 Old Gutnish i E View
161 Gutnish Lau äi ɛɪ E View
99 Old English in E View
22 English in ɪn E View
26 Frisian binnen 'bɪnən add. prefix BI- < IE *(h ... E View
21 Dutch van vɑn split from DKB (M) View
21 Dutch in ɪn split from DKB E View
21 Dutch op ɔp split from DKB (L) View
21 Dutch naar nar split from DKB, see 'near ... (T) View
21 Dutch bij bɛi split from DKB (J) View
24 Flemish OP split from DKB L View
24 Flemish BY split from DKB J View
24 Flemish IN split from DKB E View
83 Afrikaans IN E View
87 Sranan NA IM View
126 Old High German in E View
27 German in ɪn E View
86 Pennsylvania Dutch IM, IN E View
120 Luxembourgish an E View
120 Luxembourgish dran E View
121 German Switzerland i E View
107 Gothic in E View
130 Oscan -en E View
132 Umbrian -en E View
112 Latin in in Preposition. Meaning with motion 'into ... E View
17 Catalan SOBRE split from DKB. This is ... View
17 Catalan DE split from DKB K View
17 Catalan a a split from DKB. Changed from ... M View
17 Catalan dins dins In, inside of. E, K View
17 Catalan de split from DKB, prob. < Lat ... V View
56 Portuguese em ɐ̃j E View
68 Spanish en en E View
61 Sardinian Cagliari IN E View
62 Sardinian Logudoro IN E View
63 Sardinian Nuoro IN E View
85 French Creole Dominica A B View
76 Walloon DIVINS < Lat. DE INTUS E, K View
25 French dans dɑ̃ < Lat. DE INTUS E, K View
57 Provencal DINS, DEDINS split from DKB, < Lat. DE ... E, K View
57 Provencal EN split from DKB E View
42 Ladin IN E View
146 Dolomite Ladino in E View
123 Romansh en E View
122 Friulian in E View
39 Italian in in Removed DENTRO as it means ... E View
59 Romanian în ɨn E View
74 Vlach NEUNDRE E View
127 Old Irish i i E View
101 Middle Cornish yn ɪn AF yn E View
172 Middle Breton e, en e, en E before a word beginning ... E View
12 Breton en, e e, en E View
79 Welsh yn E View
38 Irish i ɪ split from DKB. Removed IN ... E View
38 Irish SA, SANN split from DKB (E) View
115 Scottish Gaelic ann E View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T NE, BRENDA C, E View
29 [Legacy] Greek K EIS E View
28 [Legacy] Greek D S , MESA G View
30 [Legacy] Greek Md MESA, SE G View
64 [Legacy] Serbocroatian U E View
113 [Legacy] Serbian u E View
89 [Legacy] Bulgarian P V E View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian V, VO E View
94 [Legacy] Russian P V E View
93 [Legacy] Polish P W E View
90 [Legacy] Byelorussian P VA E View
98 [Legacy] Ukrainian P V E View
19 [Legacy] Czech E V, VE E View
96 [Legacy] Slovak P V E View
91 [Legacy] Czech P V E View
67 [Legacy] Slovenian NOTRI View
45 [Legacy] Lithuanian O I E View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian NA split from DKB View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian EM split from DKB E View
142 [Legacy] German Munich in < Pr. Germ. *in(i) ‘in’. E View
84 [Legacy] French Creole C A B View
14 [Legacy] Breton St e, en e, ẽ: E View
13 [Legacy] Breton Se E, EN E View
78 [Legacy] Welsh C YN E View
37 [Legacy] Irish A I E View