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1. A child has two parents, a father and a mother.
2. What is your father's name?

Avoid 'baby-talk'-type lexemes such as 'papa'. Try to ensure that all possible lexemes are elicited, notably those (where they differ) for 'social' and 'biological' father.

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

ID Language Source Form Phonological Form Notes Cognate Class
114 Proto-Indo-European *atta- Onomatopoeic word. B View
114 Proto-Indo-European *ph₂tḗr A View
80 Hittite attas B View
133 Luvian tātis F View
134 Lycian tedi ? F View
135 Palaic pāpa- Not tagged as belonging to ... View
81 Tocharian A pācar A View
82 Tocharian B pācer A View
88 Albanian ATI B View
143 Standard Albanian baba C View
2 Albanian Sicily TATA split from DKB D View
2 Albanian Sicily JATI split from DKB B View
4 Albanian Corinth TATE D View
3 Albanian Gheg ATI B View
6 Albanian Tosk BABA C View
173 Mycenaean Greek pa-te paté̞ːr Appellative of persons used several ... A View
110 Ancient Greek πατήρ patɛ́ːr πατρός A View
32 Greek πατέρας paˈte̞ras New nominative form created from ... A View
31 Greek Lesbos PATERAS A View
129 Classical Armenian հայր A View
8 Armenian Eastern hayr hɑɪ̯ɾ A View
7 Armenian Western HIRE A View
128 Avestan pita A View
131 Old Persian pitā A View
136 Sogdian (’)ptr Sogdian A View
174 Khotanese päte pəðe A View
75 Wakhi TUT D View
9 Baluchi PHITH, PITH A View
137 Zazaki pī A View
137 Zazaki bābī A View
72 Tajik PADAR A View
54 Persian PEDAR A View
77 Waziri BABA split from DKB C View
77 Waziri PLOR split from DKB A View
1 Pashto PLAR A View
138 Shughni dōd D View
138 Shughni padar, pid A View
139 Sarikoli ato D View
52 Ossetic fyd fɨd A View
124 Ossetic Iron fyd fyd A View
125 Ossetic Digor fidɐ fidɐ A View
141 Kata-viri to I View
105 Vedic Sanskrit pitā́ A View
162 Pāḷī pitar A View
41 Khaskura BABU C View
51 Nepali BABU C View
106 Assamese pitā A View
106 Assamese bopai one's own father', AF ... C View
102 Oriya bapa bapa C View
102 Oriya pita pita A View
102 Oriya baa baa ‘air, father’ C View
10 Bengali BABA, BAP C View
111 Bihari bāp AF babū C View
111 Bihari pitā A View
144 Magahi बाबूजी bɑbuji View
104 Marwari bāp C View
35 Hindi pita pit̪ɑː split from DKB A View
35 Hindi BAP split from DKB C View
119 Urdu باپ bɑp C View
103 Sindhi piu H View
103 Sindhi bābō derived from Turkish? C View
43 Lahnda PYU H View
53 Punjabi BAP split from DKB C View
53 Punjabi PYO split from DKB H View
33 Gujarati PITA split from DKB A View
33 Gujarati bap bap split from DKB. Removed BAPA ... C View
50 Marathi bap split from DKB C View
50 Marathi wadīl wə'ɖi:l split from DKB A View
40 Kashmiri BAB split from DKB C View
40 Kashmiri MOLU split from DKB L View
65 Sinhalese PIYA split from DKB H View
65 Sinhalese appa, appachchi appa, appatʃtʃi C View
65 Sinhalese tatta tatta split from DKB D View
34 Romani Greece DADE D View
100 Old Church Slavonic отьць ɔtɪ̆tsʲɪ̆ B View
95 Serbo-Croatian otac ˈɔ̌tats B View
15 Bulgarian баща bəˈʃta An alternative lexeme is 'tatko ... E View
92 Macedonian татко ˈtatkɔ D View
60 Russian отец ɔ'tʲɛts B View
55 Polish ojciec ˈɔjtɕɛts B View
16 Belarusian бацька ˈbatsʲka E View
73 Ukrainian батько ˈbatʲkɔ An alternative lexeme 'отець' is ... E View
66 Slovak otec ˈɔcɛts B View
18 Czech otec ˈɔtɛts B View
48 Sorbian Upper nan nan M View
47 Sorbian Lower nan nan M View
97 Slovenian oče ˈɔ̌ːtʃɛ B View
108 Old Prussian tāwas D View
44 Latvian tę̃vs D View
46 Lithuanian tevas ˈtʲe:vɐs D View
109 Old Norse faðir ˈfaðir A View
36 Icelandic faðir ˈfaːðɪr Replaced FAOIR. A View
23 Faroese babba ˈb̥ab̥ːa Familiar. (K) View
23 Faroese faðir ˈfɛaːjɪɹ A View
58 Norwegian Riksmal far faːɾ A View
159 Stavangersk far fɑːʁ A View
157 Old Swedish fadhir ˈfaːðir A View
69 Swedish fader ˈfɑ̀:dər, fɑːr A View
71 Swedish Vilhelmina FAR A View
70 Swedish Uppland FAR, FADER A View
145 Elfdalian faðer ˈfɑ̀ðɛr A View
20 Danish fader ˈfɛ:ðʌ, ˈfɑː A View
158 Danish Fjolde faar fɑːɹ A View
160 Old Gutnish faþir A View
161 Gutnish Lau fadar fɑːdar A View
99 Old English fæder A View
22 English father fɑ:ðə A View
26 Frisian faar fa:r Changed from FAER. A View
26 Frisian heit haɪt, hæɪt View
21 Dutch vader 'vadər A View
24 Flemish VADER split from DKB A View
24 Flemish PAPA split from DKB G View
83 Afrikaans VADER split from DKB A View
83 Afrikaans PA split from DKB G View
87 Sranan TATA split from DKB D View
87 Sranan POCPA split from DKB View
126 Old High German fater A View
27 German Vater 'fa:tɐ A View
86 Pennsylvania Dutch FOTTER A View
120 Luxembourgish Papp G View
121 German Switzerland fatter A View
107 Gothic atta B View
107 Gothic fadar A View
130 Oscan patir attested in Ve ... A View
132 Umbrian patre dat. View
112 Latin pater ˈpater gen. patris A View
17 Catalan pare 'paɾə A View
56 Portuguese pai pai A View
68 Spanish padre 'paðɾe A View
61 Sardinian Cagliari BABBU J View
62 Sardinian Logudoro BABBU J View
63 Sardinian Nuoro BABBU J View
85 French Creole Dominica PAPA G View
76 Walloon PERE A View
25 French père pɛʀ A View
57 Provencal paire ˈpajɾe Removed PAI. A View
42 Ladin BAP J View
146 Dolomite Ladino pare A View
123 Romansh bab baːp J View
122 Friulian pari A View
39 Italian padre 'padre A View
59 Romanian tată ˈtatə D View
74 Vlach BABA split from DKB J View
74 Vlach AFENT split from DKB View
74 Vlach TATE split from DKB D View
74 Vlach NENI split from DKB, see /lexeme ... View
140 Gaulish ater- Attested as dat. pl. atrebo. A View
127 Old Irish athair aθərʹ A View
101 Middle Cornish tas ta:z AF tas D View
172 Middle Breton tat ˈtaːt D View
12 Breton tad ˈtaːt D View
79 Welsh tad D View
38 Irish athair A View
115 Scottish Gaelic athair ahɪɾʲ A View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T BABA C View
29 [Legacy] Greek K PATER A View
28 [Legacy] Greek D PATERAS, MPAMPAS A View
30 [Legacy] Greek Md PATERAS A View
64 [Legacy] Serbocroatian OTAC B View
113 [Legacy] Serbian otac ǒtats B View
89 [Legacy] Bulgarian P BASTA E View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian OTEC split from DKB B View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian TATKO split from DKB D View
94 [Legacy] Russian P OTEC B View
93 [Legacy] Polish P OJCIEC B View
90 [Legacy] Byelorussian P BAC KA E View
98 [Legacy] Ukrainian P OTEC B View
19 [Legacy] Czech E OTEC split from DKB B View
19 [Legacy] Czech E TATA split from DKB D View
96 [Legacy] Slovak P OTEC B View
91 [Legacy] Czech P OTEC B View
67 [Legacy] Slovenian OCE ATEK B View
45 [Legacy] Lithuanian O TEVAS D View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian PAI A View
142 [Legacy] German Munich Vater < Pr. Germ. *fader- ‘father’. A View
84 [Legacy] French Creole C PAPA G View
14 [Legacy] Breton St tad tɑːt D View
13 [Legacy] Breton Se TAD D View
78 [Legacy] Welsh C TAD D View
37 [Legacy] Irish A ATHAIR A View