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1. The body consists of flesh, fat and bones.
2. One can get fat from many different animals.
3. Meat and fat can be eaten.
4. Here are some pieces of fat.

Animal fat as a general substance used for eating or various economic needs. Should be distinguished from “vegetable fat” or “butter”, (liquid) “oil”, although many languages use the same word for these notions, as well as specific words denoting different kinds of fat contained in particular body parts (e.g., ‘suet’) or specially treated (e.g., boiled) fat. (Kassian et al. 2010)

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

ID Language Source Form Phonological Form Notes Cognate Class
114 Proto-Indo-European *smer-u- U View
80 Hittite sakan View
81 Tocharian A ṣälyp noun O View
82 Tocharian B ṣalype noun O View
88 Albanian yndyr Borrowing < Lat unctura 'grease'. (P) View
143 Standard Albanian dhjamë Also 'lard, suet, tallow'. Either ... C View
4 Albanian Corinth LHIPOS (J) View
3 Albanian Gheg dhjamë split from DKB. Either (i ... C View
3 Albanian Gheg yndyr split from DKB. Borrowing < Lat ... (P) View
6 Albanian Tosk dhjamë Either (i) < PAlb *dzel-ma, from Alb dhallë 'buttermilk', or (ii) < IE *deh2- 'to flow' > all 3 Balkan ... C View
110 Ancient Greek δημός dɛːmós EXCLUDE. (C) View
110 Ancient Greek λίπος lípos λίπεος. J View
152 Tsakonian ξυντζι Ai View
152 Tsakonian παχι Adjective? Ah View
32 Greek λίπος ˈlipo̞s J View
32 Greek πάχος ˈpaxo̞s EXCLUDE. IE *b(h)ņǵ ... (Ah) View
32 Greek ξίγκι ˈksiŋɟi EXCLUDE. (Ai) View
31 Greek Lesbos LIPOS J View
129 Classical Armenian ճարպ < Iran: MPers clp 'mild, gentle ... (Z) View
8 Armenian Eastern ճարպ ʧɑɾp Loan < Iranian. Cf. MPers clp ... (Z) View
7 Armenian Western գէր kʰɛr A View
128 Avestan pīuuō X View
128 Avestan āzūitiš Ak View
136 Sogdian rwγn Sogdian Y View
136 Sogdian crp Sogdian D View
9 Baluchi PHIGH Aa View
118 Kurdish qelew Ab View
137 Zazaki ruwen Y View
72 Tajik RAVWAN Y View
54 Persian charbi tʃærbiː D View
77 Waziri WOZDA Ac View
1 Pashto GVARI A View
138 Shughni čarvi D View
138 Shughni zōγ Ad View
139 Sarikoli čorv D View
139 Sarikoli rɛwn Y View
52 Ossetic soj soj Removed SOJAG. W View
124 Ossetic Iron šoj šoj W View
125 Ossetic Digor sojnɐ sojnɐ W View
141 Kata-viri skə Ae View
154 Vasi-vari iskī, üskü Ae View
153 Askunu šikă Ae View
105 Vedic Sanskrit mḗdas (R) View
105 Vedic Sanskrit pī́vas 'fat, milk' < IE *poi, pī- ... X View
162 Pāḷī meda R View
41 Khaskura BOSO M View
51 Nepali BOSO M View
106 Assamese tɛl tɛl ‘grease’ S View
102 Oriya moṭa moʈa adj. (Q) View
102 Oriya čɔrbi čɔrbi ‘grease’ (D) View
10 Bengali mota ˈmoʈa (Q) View
10 Bengali CORBI (D) View
111 Bihari tel tel fat of meat' (noun?) S View
111 Bihari moʈ moʈ adj. ‘of a human’ (Q) View
144 Magahi चर्बी cərbi (D) View
104 Marwari pōdō ‘fat, unwieldy’, prob. of a ... View
35 Hindi CERBI (D) View
119 Urdu چربی ʧəɾbi (D) View
103 Sindhi thulho thick, fat' K View
43 Lahnda MOTA (Q) View
53 Punjabi CERBI (D) View
33 Gujarati CERBI (D) View
50 Marathi tSarbī tʃəɾ'bi (D) View
40 Kashmiri CARBI split from DKB (D) View
40 Kashmiri BIKH split from DKB Af View
65 Sinhalese TELA S View
34 Romani Greece KHO split from DKB Al View
34 Romani Greece THULO split from DKB (K) View
100 Old Church Slavonic тѹкъ tukʊ̆ An alternative lexeme could be ... H View
95 Serbo-Croatian mast mâːst An alternative lexeme is 'salo ... G View
15 Bulgarian мазнина məzniˈna An alternative lexeme is 'мас ... G View
92 Macedonian маст mast An alternative lexeme is 'сало ... G View
60 Russian жир ʐɨr N View
55 Polish tłuszcz twuʂtʂ Am View
16 Belarusian тлушч tɫuʂtʂ Am View
73 Ukrainian жир ʐɪr Alternative lexemes are: 'товщ' (dialectal ... N View
66 Slovak tuk tuk H View
18 Czech tuk tuk H View
48 Sorbian Upper tuk tuk H View
47 Sorbian Lower tucne ˈtutsnɛ It is originally just an ... H View
97 Slovenian mast mâːst G View
108 Old Prussian mynsis noun X View
108 Old Prussian takis noun, F taukis H View
108 Old Prussian instran noun H View
44 Latvian tàuki H View
46 Lithuanian TAUKAI H View
109 Old Norse fita ˈfita noun, AF feita; mostly attested ... B View
109 Old Norse smjo̜r, smør smjɔr, smør noun (U) View
36 Icelandic fita ˈfɪːtʰa B View
36 Icelandic feiti ˈfeiːtʰɪ B View
23 Faroese fiti, feitt fiːti, faiʰtː B View
58 Norwegian Riksmal fett fɛtː B View
157 Old Swedish fitma ˈfiːtma B View
69 Swedish fett fɛtː Added second final -t. With ... B View
71 Swedish Vilhelmina FET B View
70 Swedish Uppland FETT B View
145 Elfdalian fieta ˈfɪ̀ɛːtɑ B View
20 Danish fedt fɛd̥ B View
158 Danish Fjolde fæt fæd B View
161 Gutnish Lau fätt fɛtː B View
99 Old English smeoru U View
22 English fat fæt B View
26 Frisian fet fɛt Changed from VET. B View
21 Dutch vet vɛt B View
24 Flemish VET B View
83 Afrikaans VET B View
87 Sranan FATOE B View
126 Old High German feizti B View
27 German Fett fɛt B View
86 Pennsylvania Dutch FETT B View
120 Luxembourgish Fett B View
121 German Switzerland fett B View
107 Gothic smairþr U View
132 Umbrian ařepes ?; abl. pl. View
112 Latin crassus ˈkrasːus EXCLUDED. (I) View
112 Latin adeps ˈadeps adipis. View
17 Catalan gras gras Adjective. I View
17 Catalan greix greʃ Noun. I View
56 Portuguese gordura ɡuɾˈðuɾɐ E View
68 Spanish grasa 'ɡɾasa I View
61 Sardinian Cagliari GRASSU I View
62 Sardinian Logudoro RASSU I View
63 Sardinian Nuoro GRASSU I View
85 French Creole Dominica GWES I View
76 Walloon CRAHE I View
25 French graisse gʀɛs I View
57 Provencal GRAISSO I View
42 Ladin SUNDSCHA View
146 Dolomite Ladino gros I View
123 Romansh grass I View
122 Friulian gras I View
39 Italian grasso 'grasso I View
59 Romanian grăsime I View
74 Vlach SEU < Lat. SEBUM 'hard animal fat, tallow' (Ciorănescu 2002: 708); comp. /lexeme/23919/ View
74 Vlach GRASEAME I View
140 Gaulish galba View
127 Old Irish geir gʹerʹ Ag View
127 Old Irish blonac blonəg T View
127 Old Irish íth i:θʹ < IE *pī-tu- on the root *pei(H)-/*pĭ - ‘to be fat, abound’. Same as /lexeme/29475/ 'bite' and /lexeme ... View
149 Old Cornish blonec T View
101 Middle Cornish soath 'fat' (adj.) View
101 Middle Cornish blonek 'blɔnɛk ‘grease/fat’ T View
101 Middle Cornish seym 'grease/fat', AF saim View
101 Middle Cornish bor fat' (adj.) View
101 Middle Cornish berric fat' (adj.) View
101 Middle Cornish tew (adj.), cognate with many terms ... View
101 Middle Cornish ithik 'fat' (adj.), see /lexeme/8487/ View
172 Middle Breton lart, lard ˈlart (Aj) View
12 Breton lard ˈlart noun and adjective Aj View
150 Old Welsh bloneg Middle Welsh. T View
79 Welsh bloneg split from DKB T View
79 Welsh braster split from DKB bras + der ... L View
38 Irish méathras same as OIr. méth 'fat ... View
38 Irish geir Ag View
38 Irish blonag T View
115 Scottish Gaelic geir Ag View
115 Scottish Gaelic saill nn. fr. IE *sal- 'dirty ... View
147 Manx geirr Ag View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T dhjamë Either (i) < PAlb *dzel-ma, from Alb dhallë 'buttermilk', or (ii) < IE *deh2- 'to flow' > all 3 Balkan ... C View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T undyrë Borrowed < Lat unctūra 'ointment'. View
29 [Legacy] Greek K LIPOS J View
28 [Legacy] Greek D LIPOS split from DKB J View
28 [Legacy] Greek D KSUGGI split from DKB, related to ... View
30 [Legacy] Greek Md LIPOS J View
64 [Legacy] Serbocroatian MAST G View
113 [Legacy] Serbian debljina fatness, corpulence', IE *dheb- 'thick ... View
113 [Legacy] Serbian salo sâlo fat, grease' V View
113 [Legacy] Serbian mast noun, adj.: mastan G View
89 [Legacy] Bulgarian P MAZ G View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian salo ˈsalɔ split from DKB V View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian MAST/LOJ split from DKB G View
94 [Legacy] Russian P ZYR N View
93 [Legacy] Polish P TLUSZCZ H View
90 [Legacy] Byelorussian P TLUSC H View
98 [Legacy] Ukrainian P ZYR N View
19 [Legacy] Czech E TLUSTI H View
96 [Legacy] Slovak P TUK H View
91 [Legacy] Czech P TUK H View
67 [Legacy] Slovenian MAST G View
45 [Legacy] Lithuanian O TAUKAI H View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian gordura ɡoʁˈduɾɐ Removed GORDO. E View
142 [Legacy] German Munich Fett B View
84 [Legacy] French Creole C GHWES I View
14 [Legacy] Breton St druzoni dry'zɔ̃:ni F View
13 [Legacy] Breton Se DRU, DRUONI F View
78 [Legacy] Welsh C BRASTER L View
37 [Legacy] Irish A GEIR split from DKB, IE *g ... Ag View
37 [Legacy] Irish A BLONAG split from DKB T View