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1. He hit him in the breast (chest) while fighting.
2. His breast (chest) was decorated with ornaments.

Frontal part of the human body, located between the neck and the upper belly (region of the thorax). If there is a common term, applicable to both the male and female breasts, we recommend choosing this common term (e.g., English breast). If no common term is present, the word for male breast (= chest) must be chosen. Not to be confused with specific designations of the female mammary gland, nipples, internal organs (e.g., lungs) or thoracic cage. (Kassian et al. 2010)

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

ID Language Source Form Phonological Form Notes Cognate Class
114 Proto-Indo-European *speno-, *p(H)sten-o- "breast, nipple" (Pokorny:990) I View
80 Hittite tētan prob. related to OE TITT ... M View
133 Luvian tītan M View
81 Tocharian A päśśäṃ (du.) I View
82 Tocharian B päścane (du.) I View
143 Standard Albanian gjoks View
6 Albanian Tosk gjiri, gjîni Standard Albanian, Gheg. H View
110 Ancient Greek στῆθος stɛ̑ːtʰos στήθεος. 'breast (of ... I View
152 Tsakonian βουζι, βυζι South and north dialect forms ... Z View
152 Tsakonian στηθι I View
32 Greek στήθος ˈstiθo̞s I View
32 Greek βυζί viˈzi EXCLUDE. see 'suck' in /lexeme ... (Z) View
129 Classical Armenian ստին stin (I) View
129 Classical Armenian կուրծք kuɾt͡s-kʰ Plurale tantum; Traditionally pronounced as ... Ac View
129 Classical Armenian լանջք lanǰk‘ Probably etymologically connected with Gk ... View
8 Armenian Eastern ստին stin Standard Armenian (I) View
8 Armenian Eastern կուրծք kuɾʦkʰ Ac View
7 Armenian Western կուրծք ɡurd͡zkʰ Cf. ծիծ [d͡zid͡z ... Ac View
128 Avestan fštānō I View
136 Sogdian ’štnh Sogdian I View
118 Kurdish çiçik O View
118 Kurdish pêsîr P View
137 Zazaki sēnē N View
137 Zazaki virār Q View
54 Persian pistān New Persian P View
138 Shughni bar S View
138 Shughni bat T View
138 Shughni biš R View
138 Shughni sīnā N View
139 Sarikoli puz U View
141 Kata-viri čuk V View
154 Vasi-vari pašī < parśu 'rib'. Ab View
154 Vasi-vari žüžu Aa View
153 Askunu (židi-)wāṭ Aa View
105 Vedic Sanskrit stánas I View
162 Pāḷī thana I View
106 Assamese ston (I) View
106 Assamese pi.ha related to 'drink, suckle'? Turner ... View
106 Assamese u.roj View
106 Assamese du.du 'milk, female breast' (Turner) K View
106 Assamese bo.khyo.ju.gol View
106 Assamese kus Turner has kũz 'hump' L View
102 Oriya dud dud Desia Oriya: also ‘milk’ and ... K View
111 Bihari cuci cuci ‘breasts’ L View
144 Magahi छाती cʰɑt̪i W View
104 Marwari bobo ‘breast of female’, see also ... X View
119 Urdu پِستان، سِینہ pɪstɑn, sinə (I) View
103 Sindhi chhaatii ‘breast,chest, boldness, courage' W View
34 Romani Greece THUD 'milk, female breast' K View
100 Old Church Slavonic прьси pr̩ʲsi Not attested in the Canon. D View
95 Serbo-Croatian grudi ˈɡrûːdi E View
95 Serbo-Croatian prsa ˈpr̂sa D View
15 Bulgarian гръд ɡrɤd E View
92 Macedonian гради ˈɡradi E View
60 Russian грудь grudʲ E View
55 Polish pierś pjɛrɕ D View
16 Belarusian грудзі ˈɣrudzʲi E View
73 Ukrainian груди ˈɦrudɪ E View
66 Slovak prsia ˈpr̩sia D View
66 Slovak hruď ɦruɟ E View
18 Czech hruď ɦruɟ E View
48 Sorbian Upper hrudź ʀudʒ E View
47 Sorbian Lower gruź ɡruʑ E View
97 Slovenian prsi ˈpə̌ːrsi 'nedra' is 'woman breast'. D View
108 Old Prussian kraclan G View
44 Latvian pups B View
44 Latvian krùts G View
46 Lithuanian krūtis G View
109 Old Norse brjóst brjoːst C View
36 Icelandic brjóst ˈb̥rjoust C View
23 Faroese bróst b̥ɹœst C View
58 Norwegian Riksmal bryst bɾʏst Holm states this is a ... C View
157 Old Swedish bryst bryst C View
69 Swedish bröst brøst C View
145 Elfdalian brest brɛst C View
20 Danish bryst ˈb̥ʁɶsd̥ C View
158 Danish Fjolde bryst bɹyst C View
160 Old Gutnish briaust C View
161 Gutnish Lau braust braust C View
99 Old English brēost C View
22 English breast C View
21 Dutch borst C View
126 Old High German brust C View
27 German Brust C View
120 Luxembourgish Broscht C View
121 German Switzerland bruscht C View
107 Gothic barms poetic sense, IE *bher- 'to ... View
107 Gothic brusts pl. C View
107 Gothic brusts C View
112 Latin mamma ˈmamːa EXCLUDED. AF mamilla (A) View
112 Latin pectus ˈpektus gen. pectoris. Cognate with /lexeme ... Y View
112 Latin sinus ˈsinus EXCLUDED. Meaning 'breast' by metonymy ... (H) View
68 Spanish teta M View
68 Spanish pecho 'peʧo Cognate with Braz.Port. /lexeme ... View
25 French mamelle mamɛl A View
25 French téton tetɔ̃ Formerly tette - not found in ... M View
25 French sein sɛ̃ H View
146 Dolomite Ladino stomech < It stomaco 'stomach'. View
123 Romansh sain H View
123 Romansh pèz Y View
122 Friulian polmon < pulmōnem 'lungs(?)'. View
122 Friulian stomi < It stomaco 'stomach'. View
122 Friulian pet Y View
39 Italian mamella mam'mɛlla A View
39 Italian tetta 'tetta Familiar. M View
39 Italian poppa 'poppa Second meaning: stern (of ship). B View
59 Romanian piept pjept View
59 Romanian ƫâƫă M View
140 Gaulish brunnio- Reconstructed form, based on attestations ... C View
127 Old Irish bruinne brunʹnʹe < *bhru-s-n-yo-, root: *bhreu-s- ‘to swell ... C View
127 Old Irish cích kʹi:x Root: *kak-/*kək-/*kek- ‘to ... (J) View
127 Old Irish ucht uxt < *pok-tu- (?) ‘breast'. Cf. also Lat pectus /lexeme/27662/. Y View
149 Old Cornish bron C View
101 Middle Cornish bron C View
148 Old Breton bronn C View
172 Middle Breton bronn ˈbronː denotes the male and female ... C View
12 Breton bronn ˈbrɔ̃nː C View
150 Old Welsh bronn C View
79 Welsh bron brɔn C View
79 Welsh brest (C) View
38 Irish cíoch (J) View
38 Irish ucht Y View
115 Scottish Gaelic cìoch (J) View
115 Scottish Gaelic broilleach C View
147 Manx sheeiney Other terms for 'breast' are ... View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T sisë Also 'bosom, tit'. Borrowed < Slav ... (F) View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T pupë Also 'teat; tassel, bud'. Borrowed ... (B) View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T gji Also 'chest'. Identical with Lat ... H View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T parzëm The parallel form parmëz reflects ... (D) View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T krahëror, krahnuer Also 'chest'. Derived from krah ... View
64 [Legacy] Serbocroatian sisa F View
113 [Legacy] Serbian grudi ɡrûːdi also 'heart' E View
113 [Legacy] Serbian prsa prsa judged most neutral, also 'heart' D View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian gráda ˈɡrada E View
19 [Legacy] Czech E prs D View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian seios ˈseius H View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian peito ˈpeitu Y View
142 [Legacy] German Munich Brust < Pr. Germ. *brust- ‘breast, chest’. C View
14 [Legacy] Breton St bronn C View
78 [Legacy] Welsh C bron Standard Welsh C View
37 [Legacy] Irish A mama Standard Irish A View
37 [Legacy] Irish A cīoch Standard Irish J View