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1. I left him at the end of the road.
2. I saw my friend at the party/feast/wedding/etc.

Generic locative; no spatial specification.

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

ID Language Source Form Phonological Form Notes Cognate Class
114 Proto-Indo-European *h₂ed R View
114 Proto-Indo-European *h₁epi, *h₁opi I View
81 Tocharian A -aṃ Locative agglutinative case affix, with ... B View
82 Tocharian B -ne Locative agglutinative case affix, with ... B View
143 Standard Albanian tek Orel gives te, stating tek ... View
2 Albanian Sicily TE View
4 Albanian Corinth NDE C View
3 Albanian Gheg ME View
6 Albanian Tosk NE C View
173 Mycenaean Greek e-pi epí Preposition construed with Dat.-Instrum ... I View
110 Ancient Greek ἐπί epí Preposition (static locative sense when ... I View
110 Ancient Greek ἐν en EXCLUDE. (J) View
110 Ancient Greek παρά pará EXCLUDE. (Ah) View
32 Greek σε se̞ Sandhi form σ- combines with ... E View
31 Greek Lesbos SE E View
129 Classical Armenian առ ɑr Ah View
129 Classical Armenian i / y- View
8 Armenian Eastern het 'with, together, foot', thus cognate ... View
8 Armenian Eastern - um um View
8 Armenian Eastern GEN. + meǰ Second element is cognate with ... View
8 Armenian Eastern -in in View
7 Armenian Western մօտ mɔd D View
136 Sogdian kw Manichean X View
75 Wakhi TE Z View
75 Wakhi DU Y View
9 Baluchi SAR-A (A) View
9 Baluchi A Aa View
137 Zazaki verā Ab View
137 Zazaki het(i) Z View
72 Tajik BA Ad View
72 Tajik dar dær Also 'in, to'. Ac View
77 Waziri KSHE, PA, PERI K View
1 Pashto DE...SERA A View
1 Pashto TA NEZDE Z View
139 Sarikoli bar Ae View
52 Ossetic cur tsur A View
52 Ossetic (MAE - AEM) D View
124 Ossetic Iron sur sur A View
125 Ossetic Digor cor cor A View
105 Vedic Sanskrit adhi 'above', cf. 'at' /lexeme/19024 ... (H) View
105 Vedic Sanskrit api, pi (I) View
41 Khaskura MA G View
51 Nepali MA G View
106 Assamese ɒt ɒt AF t, cf. /lexeme/22329/ H View
102 Oriya re re normally loc. construction M View
102 Oriya ṭhare ʈhare normally loc. construction M View
144 Magahi में mẽ G View
144 Magahi पर pər This is the more basic ... L View
35 Hindi -me mẽ G View
35 Hindi -PER L View
119 Urdu پر، پہ pəɾ, pɛ L View
103 Sindhi normally expressed with LOC? View
43 Lahnda UTTE H View
53 Punjabi PER split from DKB L View
53 Punjabi TE split from DKB G View
50 Marathi -t, -the t, tʰe split from DKB. Removed -I. G View
50 Marathi wādztā, 'wadzta H View
50 Marathi -ver split from DKB L View
40 Kashmiri KANI F View
65 Sinhalese E Ag View
34 Romani Greece KAI (Af) View
100 Old Church Slavonic на Q View
100 Old Church Slavonic въ vʊ̆ J View
95 Serbo-Croatian u u J View
95 Serbo-Croatian na na Q View
15 Bulgarian в(ъв) v(ɤf) J View
15 Bulgarian на na Q View
92 Macedonian на na Q View
92 Macedonian во J View
60 Russian в v split from DKB J View
60 Russian на na Q View
55 Polish w(e) v(ɛ) 'in' J View
55 Polish na na 'on' Q View
16 Belarusian у u 'in'. Depending on the context ... J View
16 Belarusian на na 'on' Q View
73 Ukrainian в ʋ 'in'. Depending on the phonetic ... J View
73 Ukrainian на na 'on' Q View
66 Slovak na na Q View
66 Slovak v(o) v(ɔ) J View
18 Czech na na Q View
18 Czech v(e) v(ɛ) J View
48 Sorbian Upper w(e) w(ɛ) J View
48 Sorbian Upper na na Q View
47 Sorbian Lower w(e) w(ɛ) J View
47 Sorbian Lower na na Q View
97 Slovenian v v J View
97 Slovenian na na Q View
108 Old Prussian prēi N View
44 Latvian pìe N View
44 Latvian UZ split from DKB, = Slav. VZ ... View
46 Lithuanian į i: B View
46 Lithuanian PRIE N View
46 Lithuanian pas pɐs N View
109 Old Norse við við Best candidate for this meaning ... U View
109 Old Norse at at (R) View
36 Icelandic hjá çauː Also by, near, next to ... Aj View
36 Icelandic við vɪːð U View
23 Faroese á ɔaː split from DKB (R) View
23 Faroese hjá tʃʰɔaː Also 'by', 'with'. Aj View
23 Faroese við viː split from DKB U View
58 Norwegian Riksmal poː Ai View
58 Norwegian Riksmal ved ʋeːd U View
159 Stavangersk poː Ai View
159 Stavangersk ve ʋeː U View
157 Old Swedish vidh viːð U View
157 Old Swedish at at R View
69 Swedish po: split from DKB Ai View
69 Swedish vid viː(d) split from DKB. Removed I. U View
71 Swedish Vilhelmina DEVE split from DKB View
71 Swedish Vilhelmina OT OT split from DKB R View
70 Swedish Uppland AT split from DKB R View
70 Swedish Uppland VID split from DKB U View
145 Elfdalian wið wɪːð U View
145 Elfdalian ą̊ Ai View
20 Danish b̥ʰɔˀ Ai View
20 Danish ved veð U View
158 Danish Fjolde oa oa Ai View
158 Danish Fjolde ve ve U View
160 Old Gutnish pa Ai View
160 Old Gutnish viþr U View
161 Gutnish Lau bäi bɛɪ (Ak) View
161 Gutnish Lau pa pɑː Ai View
99 Old English æt R View
22 English at æt R View
26 Frisian op op I View
21 Dutch te V View
21 Dutch op ɔp I View
24 Flemish AEN split from DKB T View
24 Flemish TE split from DKB V View
83 Afrikaans TE V View
87 Sranan NA, NA SEI VO View
126 Old High German az R View
126 Old High German zi N View
27 German an an T View
86 Pennsylvania Dutch ONN T View
120 Luxembourgish op I View
120 Luxembourgish dran prob. contracted fr. DA-R-AN T View
120 Luxembourgish an T View
120 Luxembourgish bei = NE. by View
121 German Switzerland a T View
107 Gothic at R View
130 Oscan az R View
132 Umbrian -ař R View
132 Umbrian -kum R View
112 Latin ad ad Cf. OLD s.v. ad ... R View
17 Catalan a a split from DKB. Changed from ... R View
17 Catalan per pər split from DKB. Also 'through ... View
56 Portuguese a a split from DKB. Removed NA. S View
56 Portuguese em ɐ̃j split from DKB J View
68 Spanish a a R View
61 Sardinian Cagliari A R View
62 Sardinian Logudoro A R View
63 Sardinian Nuoro A R View
85 French Creole Dominica A-, A R View
76 Walloon A R View
25 French à a R View
57 Provencal A R View
42 Ladin A, AD, ADA R View
146 Dolomite Ladino a R View
123 Romansh a R View
122 Friulian a R View
39 Italian a, ad a, ad 'Ad' before words beginning with ... R View
59 Romanian în ɨn View
59 Romanian la la Lat. ILLAC AD (Ciorănescu 2002 ... R View
74 Vlach A R View
127 Old Irish oc og R View
101 Middle Cornish orth ‘at, by’ W View
172 Middle Breton e, en(n), i, in e, en, i, in J View
12 Breton e(n) e, en J View
79 Welsh wrth split from DKB (W) View
79 Welsh yn split from DKB J View
38 Irish ag ɛɟ R View
115 Scottish Gaelic aig ek R View
5 [Legacy] Albanian T ˈnə C View
29 [Legacy] Greek K EIS TO E View
28 [Legacy] Greek D STO, STE E View
30 [Legacy] Greek Md SE, STE E View
64 [Legacy] Serbocroatian KOD O View
113 [Legacy] Serbian u u at' P View
113 [Legacy] Serbian kod kôd O View
113 [Legacy] Serbian pri in, at' N View
89 [Legacy] Bulgarian P U P View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian NA split from DKB Q View
49 [Legacy] Macedonian U split from DKB P View
94 [Legacy] Russian P U P View
93 [Legacy] Polish P U P View
90 [Legacy] Byelorussian P U P View
98 [Legacy] Ukrainian P U P View
19 [Legacy] Czech E NA split from DKB Q View
19 [Legacy] Czech E PRI split from DKB N View
96 [Legacy] Slovak P U P View
91 [Legacy] Czech P U P View
67 [Legacy] Slovenian K split from DKB O View
67 [Legacy] Slovenian NE split from DKB Q View
45 [Legacy] Lithuanian O ANT IE *anti, anta (Walde 1930 ... View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian NO split from DKB S View
11 [Legacy] Brazilian A split from DKB R View
142 [Legacy] German Munich an T View
84 [Legacy] French Creole C A R View
14 [Legacy] Breton St e, en e, ẽn J View
13 [Legacy] Breton Se E, EN J View
78 [Legacy] Welsh C YN J View
37 [Legacy] Irish A AIG R View