Middle Breton: ˈlevn

« ˈlenkr (smooth) ˈaðr (snake) »

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Lexeme data

Language:Middle Breton
Source form:levn*
Phonological form:ˈlevn
Gloss:smooth, polished, even, plain (e.g. of coat of animal)
Notes:Not attested in Middle Breton. Its existence can be assumed however as the word is found in Old Breton limn and Modern Breton levn.
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Sources of lexical data

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Source: GIB = Hemon, Roparz. 1979–1998. Geriadur istorel ar brezhoneg / Dictionnaire historique du breton. 2. éd. Plomelin: Preder.
Pages: 1768
Reliability: High
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Source: Favereau, Frañses. 1997. Dictionnaire du breton contemporain = Geriadur ar brezhoneg a-vremañ. Morlaix: Skol Vreizh. Available online at
Pages: 477
Reliability: High
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Source: Dictionnaire historique Meurgorf.
Reliability: High

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