Middle Breton: ˈkrenː

« ˈbrejn (rotten) ˈront (round) »

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Lexeme data

Language:Middle Breton
Source form:crenn
Phonological form:ˈkrenː
Gloss:round; complete, absolute; clear, abrupt, sudden
Cognate codes:B

Source of lexical data

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Source: GIB = Hemon, Roparz. 1979–1998. Geriadur istorel ar brezhoneg / Dictionnaire historique du breton. 2. éd. Plomelin: Preder.
Pages: 1653-1654
Reliability: High

Cognate coding

Cognate Class B
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Source: Matasović, Ranko (2009) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic. Leiden: Brill.
Pages: 227
Reliability: High
Comment: From Proto-Celtic *krundi- 'round, compact' Matasović assumed a relation with *krumbo- 'round, compact', cf. Mod. Bret. kromm 'curved'. In this case, *krundi- may originate from *krum-di-. Both *krundi- and *krumbo- may be loanwords from some non-IE language.