Middle Breton: paˈlaːmur

« ˈrysken (bark) raːk, rak (because) »

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Lexeme data

Language:Middle Breton
Source form:palamour, palomour, polamour
Phonological form:paˈlaːmur
Gloss:because of, for
Notes:Earliest attestation the Catholicon (1499).
Cognate codes:(Au)

Sources of lexical data

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Source: Dictionnaire historique Meurgorf.
Reliability: High
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Source: GIB = Hemon, Roparz. 1979–1998. Geriadur istorel ar brezhoneg / Dictionnaire historique du breton. 2. éd. Plomelin: Preder.
Pages: 39
Reliability: Loanword
Comment: From French par l'amour 'for the love (of)'. In Middle Breton, palamour is found in this meaning e.g. in palamour deomp ni ez voue crucifiet 'for the love of us he was crucified' Nl.n.70 (1650). But there is also the more grammticalized meaning 'because of' cals a gouzafas palamour de caret map den 'He suffered a lot because of the loe for men' J. p. 75b (1530).

Cognate coding

Cognate Class Au
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Source: Favereau, Francis. 1997: Grammaire du Breton contemporain - Yezhadur ar brezhoneg a-vremañ. Morlaix, Skol Vreizh.
Pages: 376-377
Reliability: Loanword
Comment: From French par l'amour.