Breton: pewˈgɥiːr

« o ˈveːza ma (veǝ, veɑ̃) (because) rak ma (because) »

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Lexeme data

Source form:peogwir
Phonological form:pewˈgɥiːr
Notes:Developed from the phrase Leoneg pez eo gwir 'a thing that is true'. Corresponding phrases are Tregerieg pan eo gwir, Gwenedeg p'end eo gwir 'when/since it is true'.
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Sources of lexical data

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Source: Favereau, Frañses. 1997. Dictionnaire du breton contemporain = Geriadur ar brezhoneg a-vremañ. Morlaix: Skol Vreizh. Available online at
Pages: 584
Reliability: Exclude (e.g. not the Swadesh term)
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Source: Favereau, Francis. 1997: Grammaire du Breton contemporain - Yezhadur ar brezhoneg a-vremañ. Morlaix, Skol Vreizh.
Pages: 375, 375
Reliability: Exclude (e.g. not the Swadesh term)
Comment: The original meaning is 'since'. In Neo-Breton and in literary works of the Breton Movement (An Emsav) peogwir is however frequently used to express 'because' to avoid the traditional conjunction abalamour, which is a loanword.

Cognate coding