Icelandic: ˈd̥ɪːɣʏr

« θeiːr (they) ˈɡ̊ɪld̥ʏr (thick) »

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Lexeme data

Source form:digur
Phonological form:ˈd̥ɪːɣʏr
Cognate codes:T

Sources of lexical data

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Source: Dyen, Isidore Kruskal, Joseph and Black, Paul (1992). An Indoeuropean Classification, a Lexicostatistical Experiment. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 82/5.
Reliability: Good (e.g. should be double checked)
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Source: Árnason, Mörður et al. 2002. Íslensk orðabók. Reykjavík: Edda.
Reliability: High

Cognate coding

Cognate Class T
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Source: Kroonen, Guus. 2013. Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic. Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online. Edited by Alexander Lubotsky. Brill, 2013. Brill Online.
Pages: 95
Reliability: Good (e.g. should be double checked)
Comment: No explicit Icelandic example, but same/similar forms in Old Norse and Faroese