Avestan: gā-

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Source form:gā-
Phonological form:
Notes:This verbal root is not attested in a verbal inflection in Avestan. However, it is attested in deverbal nouns and adjectives, e.g., YAv. pairi.gā.vacah- ‘who sings the words around’ (Y 57.20), YAv. bərəzi.gāθra- ‘singing high’ (Yt 10.89), YAv. fragāθra- (n.) ‘Absingen’, YAv. gāθā- ‘song, gāthā’ (Cheung 2007:94). This root is attested as the verb 'sing' elsewhere in Iranian, but not in any other Iranian IELEX languages (as of 4-11-13).
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Source: Cheung, Johnny. 2007. Etymological Dictionary of the Iranian Verb. Leiden: Brill.
Pages: 94
Reliability: High

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