Old Irish: sʹesk, sʹesʹkʹ

« iβʹəðʹ (drink) tʹi:rʹəmʹ, tʹirʹəmʹ (dry) »

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Lexeme data

Language:Old Irish
Source form:sesc, seisc
Phonological form:sʹesk, sʹesʹkʹ
Notes:Also 'barren'. < IE *si-sk-u(V)-, root: *sek- 'run off, dry up (from water)'.
Cognate codes:(G)

Sources of lexical data

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Source: Lucht, Martina. 2007. Der Grundwortschatz des Altirischen, Bonn: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität.
Pages: 121
Reliability: High
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Source: DIL = Royal Irish Academy, Dictionary of the Irish Language based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materials. Web edition
Reliability: Exclude (e.g. not the Swadesh term)
Comment: Basic meaning 'barren, unproductive', not the Swadesh term.

Cognate coding

Cognate Class G
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Source: Matasović, Ranko (2009) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic. Leiden: Brill.
Reliability: High