Classical Armenian: ənkenum

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Language:Classical Armenian
Source form:ənkenum
Phonological form:
Notes:More precisely: ‘to cause to fall, throw down’. Cf. Goth. sigqan. Alternative etymology: ənd and *ke-, deriving the latter from PIE *ges-, cf. OIc. kasta 'werfen' and Lat. gerere , gessī 'to carry on'.
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Sources of lexical data

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Source: Ringe, D., Warnow, T., Taylor, A. (2002) 'Indo-European and Computational Cladistics.' Transaction of the Philological Society Vol. 100:1: 59-129.
Reliability: High
Comment: Replaced ənkenow following Martirosyan.
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Source: Martirosyan, Hrach. 2010. Etymological Dictionary of the Armenian Inherited Lexicon. Brill.
Pages: 280
Reliability: High
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Source: Martirosyan, Hrach (Leiden University)
Reliability: High

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