Old Irish: adˈbalʹlʹ

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Lexeme data

Language:Old Irish
Source form:at-baill
Phonological form:adˈbalʹlʹ
Notes:From *exs-id-bal-ni 'throws it (out)', cognate with Gk. bállō /lexeme/18968/
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Sources of lexical data

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Source: Ringe, D., Warnow, T., Taylor, A. (2002) 'Indo-European and Computational Cladistics.' Transaction of the Philological Society Vol. 100:1: 59-129.
Reliability: High
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Source: Blažek, Václav. 2009. On the position of Gaulish within Celtic from the point of view of glottochronology. Indogermansiche Forschungen, 114.
Reliability: High
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Source: Matasović, Ranko (2009) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic. Leiden: Brill.
Pages: 53
Reliability: Good (e.g. should be double checked)
Comment: From *exs-id-bal-ni 'throws it (out)', cognate with Gk. bállō /lexeme/18968/
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Source: Thurneysen, Rudolf. 1946. A Grammar of Old Irish. Dublin: Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies.
Pages: 267
Reliability: High
Comment: With inbuilt infix pronoun, 3rd sg. neut., cf. Eng. snuffs it.

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