Greek: ˌsto̞mo̞ˈme̞no̞s

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Lexeme data

Source form:στομωμένος
Phonological form:ˌsto̞mo̞ˈme̞no̞s
Notes:Lit. passive participle to στομώνω 'become less sharp'. (This basic word-meaning assignment should be double-checked.)
Cognate codes:(W)

Sources of lexical data

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Reliability: Good (e.g. should be double checked)
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Source: Scarborough, Matthew (University of Cambridge/Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History)
Reliability: Exclude (e.g. not the Swadesh term)
Comment: Not the most common word used in this sense.

Cognate coding

Cognate Class W
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Source: Dunn, Michael (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
Reliability: Good (e.g. should be double checked)
Comment: similar to sister/daughter languages