Breton: ˈbutã, ˈbuntã

« ˈtɛnːã (pull) ˈpulsã (push) »

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Lexeme data

Source form:ˈboutañ, ˈbountañ
Phonological form:ˈbutã, ˈbuntã
Gloss:to push, to kick (away), to cut, to stick, to get rancid (butter)
Cognate codes:(H)

Source of lexical data

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Source: Favereau, Frañses. 1997. Dictionnaire du breton contemporain = Geriadur ar brezhoneg a-vremañ. Morlaix: Skol Vreizh. Available online at
Pages: 82
Reliability: High

Cognate coding

Cognate Class H
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Source: Irslinger, Britta (University of Freiburg/Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History)
Affiliation: 127
Reliability: High
Comment: Pre-Modern Breton borrowing.
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Source: Deshayes, Albert. 2003: Dictionnaire étymologique du breton. Douarnenez, chasse-marée.
Pages: 127
Reliability: Loanword
Comment: First attested in the Catholicon (1499). Cf. bou(n)t m. 'thrust, push' and f. 'shoot, bud, cutting'. Borrowed from Old French boute < bot 'blow, ' (1160), bouter 'to collide, to clash, to push' (1190).