Latin: obtuːsus

« ˈhebes (dull) ˈpulwis (dust) »

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Lexeme data

Source form:obtūsus
Phonological form:obtuːsus
Cognate codes:(S)

Sources of lexical data

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Source: Garrett, Andrew (University of California, Berkeley)
Reliability: Exclude (e.g. not the Swadesh term)
Comment: Not the basic or general term in this sense.
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Source: Glare, P.G.W. (ed.). (1982) Oxford Latin Dictionary. Oxford: Clarendon Press.
Reliability: High
Comment: 1. (of a weapon or tool) Blunt. 2. (of a light) Lacking brilliance, dull; (of a voice) hoarse, husky, thick. 3 (of the senses, faculties, etc.) Dull, dim; (of persons, utterances) Obtuse; (of actions) lacking in refinement, blunt.

Cognate coding

Cognate Class S
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Source: Buck, Carl Darling. 1949/1988. A Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in the Prinicipal Indo-European Languages. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Pages: 1071
Reliability: High