Middle Cornish: lo:r

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Lexeme data

Language:Middle Cornish
Source form:loor
Phonological form:lo:r
Cognate codes:C, T

Sources of lexical data

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Source: Blažek, Václav. 2009. On the position of Gaulish within Celtic from the point of view of glottochronology. Indogermansiche Forschungen, 114.
Reliability: High
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Reliability: High

Cognate coding

Cognate Class T
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Source: Matasović, Ranko (2009) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic. Leiden: Brill.
Pages: 248
Reliability: High
Comment: From Proto-Celtic *lugrā- 'moon', PIE *leu̯g- 'to bend, twist' (IEW 685f., LIV 416). Presupposes that the young moon was denoted as 'bent'. The connection with *leu̯k- 'to shine' (IEW 690) is impossible for phonological reasons as this root contains *k, not *g.
Cognate Class C
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Source: Buck, Carl Darling. 1949/1988. A Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in the Prinicipal Indo-European Languages. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Pages: 54-55
Reliability: High