Ancient Greek: nomízdɔː

« giŋnɔ́ːskɔː (think) oíomai̯ (think) »

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Lexeme data

Language:Ancient Greek
Source form:νομίζω
Phonological form:nomízdɔː
Gloss:acknowledge, consider as, believe
Notes:Inf. νομίζειν
Cognate codes:(N)

Source of lexical data

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Source: LSJ = H. G. Liddell, R. Scott. H. S. Jones. A Greek-English Lexicon. (Oxford, rev. ed. with supplement 1968)
Reliability: Exclude (e.g. not the Swadesh term)
Comment: Basic meaning is 'use customarily, practice'. The meanings 'acknowledge, consider as, believe' as cognative processes are secondary (and do not fit not the Swadesh term 'think').

Cognate coding

Cognate Class N
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Source: Ludewig, Julia (University of Freiburg/Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
Reliability: Exclude (e.g. not the Swadesh term)