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Notes IE *k(w)ell- 'to turn' (Buck 1949: 869).
Citation: LIPP (Vol. 2) = Dunkel, George E. (2014). Lexikon der ... Pages: 490 View From *kʷé-h₁ le 'far' < 'how far?; how far!', a collocation consisting of the interrogative pronoun *kʷé-h₁ 'how?' (instrumental) and the deictic particle *li, le 'over there, yonder; then'. At an early time, *kʷé-h₁ le was reduced to *kʷéli/e. This latter form underlies among others Brittonic pell < *kʷel-so-.
Citation: Matasović, Ranko (2009) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic. Leiden: Brill. Pages: 176 View From Proto-Celtic *kʷello- 'far', cf. PIE *kʷel- 'to turn' (IEW 640; note that this root is reconstructed as *kʷelh₁- in LIV 386). Matasović considers this etymology as rather speculative.
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Middle Cornish pell pɛl: far ★★ View
2 Middle Breton pell ˈpelː far ★★★ View
3 Breton pell ˈpɛlː far ★★★ View
4 Breton diabell diaˈbɛl far EXCLUDED. Rare and not the Swadesh term. ★★ View
5 Welsh pell far ★★ View
6 [Legacy] Breton St pell pɛl far Also 'husk, chaff'. ★★ View
7 [Legacy] Breton Se PELL far ★★ View
8 [Legacy] Welsh C PELL far ★★ View