Cognate class 925

Language list: all
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Notes Romance < Lat. FRICARE besides *FRICTARE, prob. ultimtely cogn. with 'hit' in /cognate/2709/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Albanian FERKOJ rub Borrowed < Lat fricāre 'id'. L View
2 Standard Albanian fërkoj rub Borrowed Lat fricāre 'id'. L View
3 Albanian Sicily FERKON rub Borrowed < Lat fricāre 'id'. L View
4 Albanian Gheg FERKOJ rub Borrowed < Lat fricāre 'id'. L View
5 Albanian Tosk FERKON, AOR. FERKOVA rub Borrowed < Lat fricāre 'id'. L View
6 Latvian beȓž rub ★★★ View
7 Latin fricāre friˈkaːre rub fricō, fricāre, fricuī, frictum ★★★ View
8 Catalan -- rub DELETE! ★★ View
9 Catalan fregar frə'ɣa rub split from DKB. Changed meaning from 'float' to 'rub'. Also 'catch, scrub, clean'. ★★ View
10 Portuguese esfregar ɨʃfɾɨˈɡaɾ rub ★★ View
11 Spanish frotar fɾo'taɾ rub split from DKB L View
12 Sardinian Cagliari FRIGAI rub ★★ View
13 Sardinian Logudoro FRIGARE rub ★★ View
14 French Creole Dominica FWOTE rub ★★ View
15 Walloon FROTER rub ★★ View
16 French frotter fʀɔte rub ★★ View
17 Provencal FRETA rub ★★ View
18 Ladin SFRUSCHER rub ★★ View
19 Dolomite Ladino sfreà, sfree rub ★★ View
20 Romansh sfruschar rub ★★★ View
21 Italian fregare fre'gare rub ★★ View
22 Romanian a freca a freˈka rub Replaced (SE) FRECA (DE). ★★ View
23 Vlach FREK rub ★★ View
24 Middle Breton frotaff, frottaf ˈfroːtaṽ rub L View
25 Breton frotañ ˈfrɔtã rub L View
26 [Legacy] Albanian T ME FERKUAR rub L View
27 [Legacy] Brazilian ESFREGAR rub ★★ View
28 [Legacy] French Creole C FWOTE rub ★★ View
29 [Legacy] Breton St frotañ 'frɔtã rub L View
30 [Legacy] Breton Se FROTEIN rub L View