Cognate class 885

Language list: all
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Notes IE * ueis- (Walde 1930:242), possibly cognate with /cognate/516/?
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Albanian Sicily VIRDHI green View
2 Latin uiridis ˈwiridis green uiridis ★★★ View
3 Catalan verd bert green Changed from VERT. ★★ View
4 Portuguese verde ˈveɾdɨ green ★★ View
5 Spanish verde 'beɾðe green ★★ View
6 Sardinian Cagliari BIRDI green ★★ View
7 Sardinian Logudoro BIRDE green ★★ View
8 Sardinian Nuoro VIRDE green ★★ View
9 French Creole Dominica VE green ★★ View
10 Walloon VERT green ★★ View
11 French vert vɛʀ green ★★ View
12 Provencal VERT, ERDO green ★★ View
13 Ladin VERD, VIERD green ★★ View
14 Dolomite Ladino vért green ★★★ View
15 Romansh verd green ★★★ View
16 Friulian vert green ★★★ View
17 Italian verde 'verde green ★★ View
18 Romanian verde ˈverde green ★★ View
19 Vlach VEARDE green ★★ View
20 Middle Breton guezr, guerz, gwezr ˈgueðr green According to a common opinion, gwer denotes a kind of artificial green, as opposed to glas for natural green. But compare the gloss in the Catholicon (1499): guezr ha glas tout un (guezr and glass all one). Gregoire de Rostrenen, Dictionnaire François-Breton (1732): güezr 'verd, couleur de fougère' (green, the coulour of fern) . L View
21 Breton gwer green generally artificial L View
22 Welsh gwyrdd ɡwɨrð green View
23 [Legacy] Brazilian VERDE (VER) green ★★ View
24 [Legacy] French Creole C VE green ★★ View