Cognate class 867

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Notes either Ir. SESC and Corn. stem fr. IE *sek-, senk- 'to rinse away, sink down, run dry' (Walde 1930: 2.473) or they are borrowed fr. Lat. SICCUS (< IE *quhþei- 'to perish, fade', ibid.: 1.506)
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Latin siccus ˈsikːus dry adj. siccus, sicca, siccum. ( siccī) ★★★ View
2 Catalan sec sɛk dry split from DKB. removed final -H. ★★ View
3 Portuguese seco ˈseku dry ★★ View
4 Spanish seco 'seko dry split from DKB ★★ View
5 Sardinian Cagliari SIKKU dry ★★ View
6 Sardinian Logudoro SICCU dry ★★ View
7 Sardinian Nuoro SIKKU dry ★★ View
8 French Creole Dominica SES dry ★★ View
9 Walloon SETCH dry ★★ View
10 French sec sɛk dry ★★ View
11 Provencal SE, SECO dry ★★ View
12 Ladin SECH, SUT dry ★★ View
13 Dolomite Ladino sech dry ★★★ View
14 Romansh sec dry ★★★ View
15 Friulian sec dry ★★★ View
16 Old Irish sesc, seisc sʹesk, sʹesʹkʹ dry Also 'barren'. < IE *si-sk-u(V)-, root: *sek- 'run off, dry up (from water)'. ★★★ View
17 Middle Cornish heskyz dry View
18 Middle Cornish sygh sɪ:x dry L View
19 Middle Breton sech ˈseːx dry Catholicon (1499): sec, Latin sicus. L View
20 Breton sec'h ˈseːx dry The inherited word, hesk 'dry' (also of a cow), first attested in 1699, is rather rare. L View
21 Old Welsh hysp dry ★★★ View
22 Welsh hysb dry ★★★ View
23 Welsh sych dry L View
24 Irish seasc dry ★★★ View
25 Scottish Gaelic seasg dry ★★★ View
26 Manx shiast dry ★★★ View
27 [Legacy] Brazilian SECO dry ★★ View
28 [Legacy] French Creole C SES dry ★★ View
29 [Legacy] Breton St hesp dry ★★★ View
30 [Legacy] Breton St sec'h sɛ:x dry L View
31 [Legacy] Breton Se SEH dry L View
32 [Legacy] Welsh C SYCH dry L View