Cognate class 80

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Notes cognate with 'stone' in /cognate/488/, 'tree' in /cognate/2364/, 'woods' in /cognate/2365/, 'heavy' in /cognate/2686/ and the second element of 'back' in /cognate/1846/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Proto-Indo-European *gʷerh₃- mountain ★★★ View
2 Classical Armenian սար sar mountain Also 'tip, end; top, summit; ascent; summit of a mountain'. Arguably an Iranian loanword (see Olsen and discussion in Martirosyan). ★★★ View
3 Armenian Eastern sar sɑɾ mountain split from DKB. Cognate with /cognate/53/ 'head' although some scholars believe the term to be a loan < Iranian, cf MPers sl, ManMPers, MParth sr 'eahd'; top, summit; end, Av sarah- 'head'. ★★★ View
4 Avestan gairiš mountain ★★★ View
5 Sogdian γr- mountain Sogdian ★★★ View
6 Khotanese ggarä gɐrə mountain ★★ View
7 Waziri GHAR mountain ★★ View
8 Pashto GAR mountain ★★ View
9 Vedic Sanskrit girís mountain ★★★ View
10 Pāḷī giri mountain a mountain; as a rule only in cpds, by itself (poetical) ★★★ View
11 Old Church Slavonic гора gɔrɑ mountain ★★★ View
12 Serbo-Croatian gora ˈɡɔ̌ra mountain There are some alternative lexemes. 'Brijeg' and 'brežuljak' can be excluded rather without doubs, as they refer to small hills. 'Brdo' [br̩̂dɔ] is bigger, up to ca. 500 meters of relative height but it is still more a 'hill' than a 'mountian'. 'Planina' is described as everything over ca. 500 meters of relative height (usually with more than one top) and 'gora' is a synonyme of 'planina', normally refering to a 'planina' of an average height. ★★ View
13 Russian гора gɔ'ra mountain ★★ View
14 Polish góra ˈɡura mountain ★★ View
15 Belarusian гара ɣaˈra mountain ★★ View
16 Ukrainian гора ɦɔˈra mountain ★★ View
17 Czech hora ˈɦɔra mountain ★★ View
18 Sorbian Upper hora ˈhɔʀa mountain ★★ View
19 Sorbian Lower góra ˈɡɘ̟ra mountain ★★ View
20 Slovenian gora ˈɡɔ̌ːra mountain ★★ View
21 [Legacy] Serbocroatian GORA mountain ★★ View
22 [Legacy] Serbian gora mountain the mountain' sg. ★★★ View
23 [Legacy] Macedonian GORA mountain split from DKB ★★★ View
24 [Legacy] Russian P GORA mountain ★★ View
25 [Legacy] Polish P GORA mountain ★★ View
26 [Legacy] Byelorussian P HARA mountain ★★ View
27 [Legacy] Ukrainian P HORA mountain ★★ View
28 [Legacy] Czech E HORA mountain ★★ View
29 [Legacy] Slovak P HORA mountain ★★ View
30 [Legacy] Czech P HORA mountain ★★ View
31 [Legacy] Slovenian GORE mountain ★★ View