Cognate class 623

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Notes Indo-Iranian forms via *sakr̥t (“one time”) < PIE *sm̥-kr̥t, cogn. with first element in 'other' in /cognate/2829/, also cogn. with 'smooth' in /cognate/1584/, 'wife' in /cognate/3099/, 'with' in /cognate/169/ and 'some' in /cognate/2945/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Proto-Indo-European *sḗm one ★★ View
2 Hittite sanni- one 'single' X View
3 Tocharian A sas one ★★ View
4 Tocharian B ṣe one ★★ View
5 Mycenaean Greek e-me hemei̯ one, attested in PY Ta 641.1 (ti-ri-po , e-me , po-de 'tripod with one foot'). ★★★ View
6 Ancient Greek εἷς héː̀s one ἑνός. εἷς, μία, ἑν. ★★★ View
7 Tsakonian ενα (m), μια (f), νια (f) one Second and third forms are northern and southern variants respectively. ★★★ View
8 Greek ένας ˈe̞nas one ★★★ View
9 Greek Lesbos HENA one ★★ View
10 Persian هرگز hargiz, hargez one X View
11 Vedic Sanskrit सकृत् sa-kŕ̩t one ★★ X View
12 Pāḷī eka one ★★★ View
13 [Legacy] Greek K HEN one split from DKB ★★ View
14 [Legacy] Greek D HENAS, HENA one split from DKB ★★ View
15 [Legacy] Greek Md HENA one ★★ View