Cognate class 580

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  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Hittite uēzzi come *u 'hither' + *i 'come' (Weeks 1985: 154), the latter part being cognate with /cognate/2377/ ★★ View
2 Luvian awīti come ★★★ View
3 Classical Armenian գամ ɡɑ-m come cf. Hitt. uu̯ami 'to come', Lat. vādere 'to go, walk, rush', vadāre 'to wade through, ford', vadum 'ford', Welsh go-di-wawd 'overtook' < *u̯eh2dh-, OIc. vaða , OHG watan 'to advance, wade' < *u̯h2dh- . ★★★ View
4 Armenian Eastern գալ gɑl come related to /lexeme/1939/? (aor. stem ek-, impv. ek or ari). ★★ View
5 Armenian Western գալ kʰɑl come Martirosyan has GAM, cogn. with Lat. VADERE, OHG WATAN 'to wade through', Hitt. UṴAMI 'to come' ★★★ ★★ View