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Citation: Deshayes, Albert. 2003: Dictionnaire étymologique du breton. Douarnenez, chasse-marée. Pages: 543 View First attested in the Catholicon (1499). Cognate with Welsh wybr 'heaven', wybren 'firmament', Cornish ebren 'firmament'. From Proto-Brittonic (*ko(m)-) + *oepr (what is this)?
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1 Middle Breton couffablenn, couffabrenn, coüabren kuˈvablǝn, kuˈvabrǝn cloud Singulative. Seems to be the Swadesh term in Middle Breton. The Catholicon (1499) translates French 'nuée', Latin 'nebula, nubes'. Modern Breton koabr(enn) is rather a black cloud, cf. Favereau Dict. 418. The Modern Breton terms koumoul (from Latin cumulus) and koguss (from Old French cocusse, a kind of hood, from Vulgar Latin coqucia) are attested only from Early Modern Breton onwards (Deshayes 2003, 406). ★★★ View