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Notes From PIE *kneh₂- 'scratch, plane'? (Beekes 2010). (Old note in IELex database suggests poss. cogn. with 'bite' in /cognate/1220/ (Beekes 2010: 721) and Ind. words /cognate/1816/)
Citation: Beekes, Robert. 2010. Etymological Dictionary of Greek. Leiden: Brill. Pages: View Usually connected with Baltic, Celtic, and Germanic cognates. Cf. Lith. knóti 'to peel, tear', OHG nuoen 'to make smooth by scratching, to make fit together', OIr. -cná 'to bite, gnaw'.
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1 Ancient Greek κνάω knáɔː scratch Inf. κνῆν, middle: κνῆσθαι ‘scratch oneself’. ★★★ View