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Citation: Scarborough, Matthew (University of Cambridge/Max Planck Institute for the Science ... Pages: View The traditional etymology (Frisk, Chantraine) holds that κρύσταλλος is derived from κρύος 'cold'. Beekes (2010) rejects the traditional etymology as a derived noun based on κρύος 'cold' on the basis of the presence of a suffix -αλλο- which he considers a morpheme in Pre-Greek. The etymology of κρύος itself is disputed. Alternatively considered are the roots *krus(t) as in words for 'blood' /cognate/1112/ or 'cold' /cognate/1463/
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1 Ancient Greek κρύσταλλος krýstalːos ice κρύσταλλου. Uniquely attested lexeme, but the precise etymology disputed. See note in cognate coding. Borrowed into Latin as crystallum 'ice; rock-crystal, crystal' ★★★ View