Cognate class 4890

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  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Armenian Eastern որովհետև ʋɔɾɔʋ(h)ɛtɛʋ because From Old (= Classical) Armenian որովհետեւ orovhetew 'since; whereas' (possibly analyzable as or-o-v+het-e-w 'by/with which step', in which the second element may be transposed onto PIE *ped-e-to-s, an ablatival formation, lit. "from [which] step on", cf. Ved. patsutas lit. "from [a place] at the feet", Lat. funditus 'completely'; orig. "from the bottom [up]"). ★★ View
2 Armenian Western որովհետեւ vɔrɔvhɛdɛv because ★★ View