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Notes From PIE 'fire(place)' (Untermann 2000, de Vaan 2008), cognate with /cognate/1957/.
Citation: Vaan, M. de (2008) Etymological Dictionary of Latin and the ... Pages: View Cognate with Iranian words meaning 'fire' (cf. /cognate/1957/). The Latin derivative ātrium 'first main room in a Roman-style house' seems to indicate that this room originally contained the fire-place. The development of Proto-Italic *ātr-o- appears to have undergone a semantic development 'fireplace-like' > 'having a fireplace-like colour, black'.
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Umbrian atru aːdro black atru (native alphabet, lb 29,, adro (VIIa 25, A.Pl.n.) ★★★ View
2 Latin āter ˈaːter black EXCLUDE. ātra (f.), ātrum (n.). ātrī. ★★★ View