Cognate class 432

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

Notes cf. also /cognate/2794/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Albanian RROJ, (RROJTA = AOR.) (RROJT = INF.) live ★★ View
2 Standard Albanian jetoj live ★★ View
3 Albanian Sicily RON (PRET / ROVA) live ★★ View
4 Albanian Corinth RON live ★★ View
5 Albanian Gheg JETOJ, RROJ, ( RROJT = INF.) live ★★ View
6 Albanian Tosk RON, AOR. ROJTA live ★★ View
7 [Legacy] Albanian T ME RROJTUR live cf. Lith. róju, róti 'to cope, be ready'. Mann links it with Rom *remanare 'to remain'. ★★ View