Cognate class 3151

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  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Hittite tētan breast prob. related to OE TITT, It. TETTA, NHG ZITZE and 'suck' in /cognate/2986/ < IE *geid- or *teta- (Martirosyan 2010: 615), see also 'suck' in /cognate/490/ ★★ View
2 Luvian tītan breast ★★★ View
3 Spanish teta breast ★★★ View
4 French téton tetɔ̃ breast Formerly tette - not found in dictionary. Very informal. ★★★ View
5 Italian tetta 'tetta breast Familiar. ★★★ View
6 Romanian ƫâƫă breast ★★ View