Cognate class 3019

Language list: all
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Notes IE *u- (ue-, uo-, au-) (Walde 1930: 1.187), ultimately cognate with /cognate/3018/?, see also 'here' in /cognate/2694/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Ancient Greek ἐκεῖ ekȇː there Adverb. comp. of E (= *u-, cf. /lexeme/18965/) + *ko-, ke- + EI ; see 'here' in /cognate/2435/ ★★ View
2 Greek εκεί e̞ˈci there ★★★ View
3 Greek Lesbos EKEI there ★★★ View
4 [Legacy] Greek K EKEI there ★★★ View
5 [Legacy] Greek D EKEI there ★★★ View
6 [Legacy] Greek Md EKEI there ★★★ View