Cognate class 3006

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

Notes IE *so, sa/se, tod (Walde 1930: 2.509, Mallory 2008: 418, Turner 1931: 292)
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Tocharian A cem they no exactly corresponding form found, but see SÄM in /lexeme/23225/. Mallory has Toch B se/sā/te 'such (a one' (2008: 418) and Windekens has SÄṂ 'one' < IE *sem- 'one' (1976: 46) View
2 Tocharian B cey they View
3 Albanian ATA they no exactly corresponding form found, but see 'he' in /cognate/2679/ View
4 Standard Albanian ata (m), ato (f) they ★★ View
5 Albanian Sicily ATA they View
6 Albanian Corinth ATA they View
7 Albanian Gheg ATA they View
8 Albanian Tosk ATA, ATO they View
9 Ancient Greek οὗτοι hȗːtoi̯ they τούτων (stem allomorphy). Cf. αὗται 'they' (fem.), ταῦτα 'they' (neut.). Used as the unmarked pronoun in the nominative. For singular forms see /lexeme/35438/. For the full paradigm, see Oblique cases use plural forms of αὐτός /lexeme/18762/ ★★ View
10 Greek αυτοί afˈti they ★★ View
11 Greek Lesbos AUTOI they ★★★ View
12 Avestan they ★★ View
13 Vedic Sanskrit tḗ they ★★ View
14 Pāḷī te they ★★★ View
15 Nepali TI they pl. of /lexeme/11455/ View
16 Assamese tānō they Mayang View
17 Assamese xihɒ̃t xihɒ̃t they ★★ View
18 Oriya semane semane they nominative, semanɔ-nkɔ (oblique) ★★ View
19 Gujarati EO, TEO they ★★ View
20 Marathi te, tyā, tī te, tja, ti: they Removed HE. ★★ View
21 Kashmiri TIM they ★★ View
22 Old Church Slavonic ти ti they Primarily a demonstrative pronoun. ★★★ View
23 Bulgarian те they View
24 Macedonian тие ˈti.ɛ they View
25 Old Norse þeir θɛir they ★★ View
26 Icelandic þeir θeiːr they ★★★ View
27 Faroese teir tʰaiːɹ they ★★★ View
28 Norwegian Riksmal de diː they ★★ View
29 Stavangersk di diː, di they ★★★ View
30 Old Swedish the ˈθeː they ★★ View
31 Swedish de dɔmː they ★★ View
32 Swedish Vilhelmina DAM they ★★ View
33 Swedish Uppland DE they ★★ View
34 Elfdalian dier dɪɛːr they ★★ View
35 Danish de di they ★★ View
36 Danish Fjolde di di they ★★ View
37 Gutnish Lau di, de dɪː, deː they ★★ View
38 English they ðɛɪ they L View
39 Frisian sy sɛɪ they Changed from SE. ★★★ View
40 Dutch zij zɛi they ★★★ View
41 Flemish ZY they ★★★ View
42 Sranan DEM they ★★★ View
43 Old High German sie they ★★★ View
44 German sie zi: they ★★★ View
45 Pennsylvania Dutch SIE they ★★★ View
46 Luxembourgish si they ★★★ View
47 German Switzerland si they ★★★ View
48 Sardinian Cagliari ISSOS they < Lat. IPSE prob. redub. stem *soso (de Vaan 2008: 308) ★★ View
49 Sardinian Logudoro IPSOS (M.PL.) they < Lat. IPSE prob. redub. stem *soso (de Vaan 2008: 308) ★★★ View
50 Sardinian Nuoro ISSOS they < Lat. IPSE prob. redub. stem *soso (de Vaan 2008: 308) ★★★ View
51 Italian essi es'si they Removed EGLINO as not in dictionary - very archaic I think. Loro 'them' usually used in Standard spoken Italian for 'they'. Fem. form of essi is esse. View
52 Middle Cornish i i they Middle Corn. independ. Form, AF y, -y (enclitic) View
53 Breton i they View
54 Welsh hwy hwi they View
55 Irish siad ʃiəd they Removed IADSAN. Added initial s-. View
56 Scottish Gaelic iad they View
57 [Legacy] Albanian T ata aˈta they View
58 [Legacy] Greek K AUTOI they see 'he' in /lexeme/18762/ ★★★ View
59 [Legacy] Greek D AUTOI they ★★★ View
60 [Legacy] Greek Md AUTOI, TOUS they ★★★ View
61 [Legacy] Bulgarian P TE they View
62 [Legacy] Macedonian tie tiɛ they split from DKB View
63 [Legacy] German Munich sie they ★★★ View
64 [Legacy] Breton St i, int i, ĩnt they View
65 [Legacy] Breton Se I, INT they View
66 [Legacy] Welsh C HWY they View
67 [Legacy] Irish A SIAD they View