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Notes < IE *uedh- 'strike, push' (Walde 1930: 1.254), SPROCHNO = comp. fr. *EIS-PRO-OTHEO (Buck 1949: 716), cogn. with 'squeeze' in /cognate/1097/
Citation: Andriotis, Nikolaos (et al.). 1999. [Dictionary of Standard Modern Greek]. ... Pages: View Modern Greek σπρώχνω ultimately from Ancient Greek προ-ωθέω. (Initial *s- either from reanalysis with object pronoun τους, τις, etc., or additional prefix εἰσ- with procope of initial unstressed vowel.)
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Ancient Greek ὠθέω ɔːtʰéɔː push Inf. ὠθεῖν ★★★ View
2 Greek σπρώχνω ˈspro̞xno̞ push ★★★ View
3 [Legacy] Greek K OTHO push ★★★ View
4 [Legacy] Greek D SPROCHNO push ★★★ View
5 [Legacy] Greek Md SPROCHNO push ★★★ View