Cognate class 2805

Language list: all
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Notes prob. cogn. with Skrt. PĀŚĀṆA- 'stone' and NHG FELS 'rock' (Buck 1949: 24f), cognate with 'stone' /lexeme/20288/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Old Norse fjall fjalː mountain ★★★ View
2 Icelandic fjall fjad̥l mountain ★★★ View
3 Faroese fjall fjad̥l mountain ★★★ View
4 Norwegian Riksmal fjell fjɛlː mountain ★★★ X View
5 Stavangersk fjeddl, fjell ˈfjɛdːl̩, fjɛlː mountain ★★★ X View
6 Old Swedish fiäl fjælː mountain ★★ View
7 Swedish fjäll fjɛlː mountain ★★★ X View
8 Swedish Vilhelmina FJEL FJAL mountain split from DKB ★★★ View
9 Elfdalian fjäll mountain ★★ View
10 Danish fjeld fjɛlˀ mountain ★★★ X View