Cognate class 2689

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Notes element -TU, TA-, TE-, CI-, SE- < *so-, to-, ta- (Walde 1930: 1.742), cognate with 'this/that', 'he', see e.g. /cognate/323/; related to Latvian /lexeme/20662/?
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Tocharian B tane here ★★ View
2 Albanian KETU here ★★ View
3 Standard Albanian këtu here < Pr. Alb. * ka tu, including pronominal stem *ka < IE *kuo- and adverbial *tu, cf. Skt tú 'now'. ★★★ View
4 Albanian Sicily XTU here ★★ View
5 Albanian Corinth KETU here ★★ View
6 Albanian Gheg KETU here ★★ View
7 Albanian Tosk KETU here ★★ View
8 Romani Greece KATE here ★★ View
9 Bulgarian тук(а) (ˈ)tuk(a) here ★★ View
10 Macedonian тука ˈtuka here ★★ View
11 Polish tu(taj) 'tu(taj) here Short and long form, both in common usage. No difference in meaning. ★★ View
12 Belarusian тут tut here ★★ View
13 Ukrainian тут tut here ★★ View
14 Slovak tu tu here ★★ View
15 Czech tady ˈtadɪ here Alternative lexemes are 'zde' and 'tu'. 'Zde' is slightly bookish. 'Tu' is rarer and seems to be used more often in specified contexts. 'Tady' is most neutral. ★★★ View
16 Sorbian Upper tu tu here An alternative lexeme is 'jow' (in the colloquial speech it is more frequent used than 'tu'). ★★ View
17 Slovenian tu tu here ★★★ View
18 Lithuanian cia tʃʲɛ here ★★★ View
19 Old Irish sund sun(d) here ★★ View
20 Irish anseo ənˈʃo here Replaced AG SO. ★★★ View
21 Scottish Gaelic an seo here ★★★ View
22 [Legacy] Albanian T këtu here ★★ View
23 [Legacy] Bulgarian P TUK here ★★ View
24 [Legacy] Macedonian tuka ˈtuka here split from DKB. Removed TYKA. ★★ View
25 [Legacy] Polish P TU here ★★ View
26 [Legacy] Byelorussian P TUT here ★★ View
27 [Legacy] Ukrainian P TUT here ★★ View
28 [Legacy] Czech E TU, TADI here split from DKB ★★ View
29 [Legacy] Slovak P TU here ★★ View
30 [Legacy] Slovenian TUKAJ here ★★★ View
31 [Legacy] Lithuanian O CIA, SICIA here ★★★ View
32 [Legacy] Irish A ANNSO here ★★★ View