Cognate class 2660

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Notes the same as 'float', see /lexeme/20399/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Latin fluere ˈfluere flow fluō, fluere, fluxī, fluxum. Also 'run (of waters)’. < PIE *bhleuH-(e/o-) 'to flow (over)'. Related to OCS /lexeme/21294/ 'to vomit'. ★★★ View
2 Portuguese fluir fluˈiɾ flow ★★ View
3 Spanish fluir flu'iɾ flow ★★★ View
4 Sardinian Cagliari KURRI flow ★★★ View
5 Ladin FLUIR flow ★★★ View
6 Romansh fluir flow ★★★ View
7 Italian fluire flu'ire flow split from DKB ★★★ View