Cognate class 259

Language list: all
Wordlist: all

Notes From the same root as /meaning/full/, /cognate/2235/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Mycenaean Greek po-ru-º polu- many Not attested as a stand-alone adjective, but frequently attested as the first member of a compound, e.g. po-ru-po-de-qe (PY Ta 722.1), unanimously interpreted as πολυ-πόδει (κʷε) 'with many feet; octopus' (describing the ornamental motif on a vessel). See also in DMic. lexemes: po-ru-da-ma-te; po-ru-da-si-jo; po-ru-e-ro; po-ru-ka-to; po-ru-qo-ta; po-ru-qo-to; po-ru-te-we. ★★★ View
2 Ancient Greek πολλοί polloí many πολλῶν; πολλοί, πολλαί, πολλά; in singular 'much' πολύς, πολλή, πολύ ★★★ View
3 Greek πολλοί po̞ˈli many Plural (sg. πολύς) ★★ View
4 Greek Lesbos POLLOI many ★★ View
5 Classical Armenian յոլով yolov many Also 'much, plenty, numerous; many people'. < IE *polh1u-s. ★★★ View
6 Old English fela many ★★★ View
7 Dutch veel vel many ★★ View
8 Flemish VEEL, VELE many ★★ View
9 Afrikaans BAIE, VEEL many ★★ View
10 Sranan FOELOE many View
11 Old High German filu many ★★★ View
12 German viel fi:l many ★★ View
13 Pennsylvania Dutch FIEL many ★★ View
14 Luxembourgish vill many ★★★ View
15 Gothic filu many ★★★ View
16 Gaulish elu- many Reconstructed form, based on attestations of male names. ★★ View
17 Old Irish il ilʹ many ★★★ View
18 Middle Cornish lies 'li:ɛs many ★★★ ★★ View
19 Old Breton lios many ★★★ View
20 Old Welsh liaus many ★★★ View
21 Welsh lliaws many ★★★ ★★ View
22 Irish iol- many ★★★ View
23 Scottish Gaelic iol- many ★★★ View
24 [Legacy] Greek K POLLOI many ★★ View
25 [Legacy] Greek D POLLOI many ★★ View
26 [Legacy] Greek Md POLLOI many ★★ View
27 [Legacy] German Munich viele many < Pr. Germ. *felu-, *fulu- ‘much, many’. ★★★ View
28 [Legacy] Breton St kalz kals many ★★ View
29 [Legacy] Breton St lies many ★★★ View
30 [Legacy] Breton Se KALZ many ★★ View