Cognate class 2562

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Notes element PO < *po, pa 'after, by' at', cogn. with words meaning 'at' and 'and', e.g. /cognate/2534/ (Derksen 2008: 407)
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Old Church Slavonic понѥ(жє) pɔɲɛ(ʒɛ) because Attested >100 times in the Canon. An alternative lexeme 'ѥльма' is less frequently used (ca. 50 times in the Canon) and 'because' is not its only/main meaning. ★★ View
2 Russian потому что pɔtɔˈmuʂtɔ because ★★ View
3 [Legacy] Russian P POTOMU CTO because ★★ View
4 [Legacy] Polish P PONIEWAZ because ★★ View
5 [Legacy] Czech P PONEVADZ because ★★ View