Cognate class 2442

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Notes IE* (h)e-, (h)ih(a)-, (h)id-, ultimately the same as 'this' in /cognate/2437/ and 'he' /cognate/2678/, Turner discusses possible connection betw. the Indian lexemes and /cognate/2436/ (1931: 43)
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Ancient Greek ἐκεῖνος ekȇːnos that ἐκείνου orig. comp. E-KE(I)-ENOS, thus /cognate/2442/ plus /cognate/2435/ plus /cognate/2439/. ★★★ View
2 Tsakonian ετηνε, ετηνα, εκειν that Masculine, feminine, neuter forms respectively. ★★★ View
3 Greek εκείνο e̞ˈcino̞ that split from DKB, orig. comp. E-KE(I)-ENOS, which is what Blažek also gives, thus /cognate/2442/ plus /cognate/2435/ plus /cognate/2439/. Removed final -S. ★★★ View
4 Greek Lesbos EKEINOS that cf. /lexeme/18947/ ★★★ View
5 [Legacy] Greek Md EKEINOS that cf. /lexeme/18947/ ★★★ View