Cognate class 2329

Language list: all
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Notes Lat. rapum 'turnip, radish' (as applied first to the similar shaped pig"s tail), Buck 1949: 209, further relations unclear, /cognate/2344/, /cognate/2087/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Old Norse rófa ˈroːva tail X View
2 Icelandic rófa ˈrouːva tail ★★★ View
3 Faroese rófa ˈɹɔuva tail X View
4 Norwegian Riksmal rove ˈròːʋə tail ★★★ View
5 Portuguese rabo ˈɾaβu tail ★★★ View
6 Spanish RABO tail split from DKB ★★★ View
7 [Legacy] Brazilian rabo ˈxabu tail split from DKB ★★★ View