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Citation: Buck, Carl Darling. 1949/1988. A Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in ... Pages: 374-375 View Lat. Frūctus 'product, fruit' in widest sense, from fruī 'enjoy'. Cognate with Gothic brūkjan, OE brūcan 'use', etc.
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Standard Albanian frut fruit Orel gives fryt. Borrowed < Lat frūctus 'id'. L View
2 Albanian Corinth FRUTO fruit L View
3 Albanian Tosk FRUTA (PL.) fruit L View
4 Greek φρούτο ˈfruto̞ fruit Loanword from Italian 'frutto'. ★★★ L View
5 Greek Lesbos FROUTO fruit L View
6 Old Norse fruktr, fryktr fruktr, fryktr fruit Not attested until quite late, and then only in texts produced in Norway L View
7 Faroese frukt fɹʊkt fruit L View
8 Norwegian Riksmal frukt fɾʉkt fruit L View
9 Stavangersk frokt fʁukt fruit L View
10 Old Swedish frukt frukt fruit L View
11 Swedish frukt frɵkt fruit L View
12 Swedish Vilhelmina FRUKT fruit L View
13 Swedish Uppland FRUKT fruit L View
14 Elfdalian frukt frʉkt fruit L View
15 Danish frugt fʁɔg̥d̥ʰ fruit L View
16 Danish Fjolde frogt fɹoɡd fruit L View
17 Gutnish Lau frukt frukt fruit L View
18 English fruit fru:t fruit L View
19 Frisian frucht frøxt fruit L View
20 Dutch vrucht vrʏχt fruit L View
21 Flemish VRUCHT fruit L View
22 Afrikaans VRUG fruit L View
23 Sranan VROEKTOE fruit split from DKB L View
24 German Frucht fruxt fruit L View
25 Luxembourgish Fruucht fruit L View
26 German Switzerland frucht fruit L View
27 Catalan fruit, fruita fru'i, 'fruijt fruit Fruit (generic and figurative), fruit (apples, oranges, etc). Changed from FRUYT, ★★ View
28 Portuguese fruta, fruto ˈfɾutɐ, ˈfɾutu fruit Removed -C- from FRUCTO. ★★ View
29 Spanish fruta 'fɾuta fruit Changed final -O to -a. ★★★ View
30 Sardinian Cagliari FRUTTA fruit ★★★ View
31 Sardinian Logudoro FRUTTU fruit ★★★ View
32 Sardinian Nuoro FRUTTORA fruit ★★★ View
33 French Creole Dominica FWI fruit ★★★ View
34 Walloon FRUT, FRUT' fruit ★★★ View
35 French fruit fʀɥi fruit ★★★ View
36 Provencal FRU, FRUCHO fruit ★★★ View
37 Ladin FRUT fruit ★★★ View
38 Dolomite Ladino fruti fruit ★★ View
39 Romansh fritg fruit ★★★ View
40 Italian frutto 'frutto fruit ★★★ View
41 Romanian fruct fruit ★★★ View
42 Middle Cornish frooth fro:θ fruit AF frút L View
43 Middle Breton froez, froiz ˈfroeθ fruit The Middle Breton form is a collective / plural. The according singulative, frouëzen (Gregoire de Rostrenen, Dictionnaire François Breton 1732) is only attested from the 18th century onwards. L View
44 Breton frouezh, frwezh ˈfrweːs fruit L View
45 Welsh ffrwyth fruit L View
46 [Legacy] Greek D FROUTO fruit L View
47 [Legacy] Greek Md FROUTO fruit L View
48 [Legacy] Brazilian FRUTA fruit ★★ View
49 [Legacy] German Munich Frucht fruit L View
50 [Legacy] French Creole C FWITAZ (CULTIV.) fruit split from DKB ★★★ View
51 [Legacy] Breton St frouezh 'frwe:s fruit L View
52 [Legacy] Breton Se FREH fruit L View
53 [Legacy] Welsh C FFRWYTH fruit L View