Cognate class 2096

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Notes element BO < Slav *bo 'for' < IE *b(h)o = Goth BA 'that not, if not' (Derksen 2008: 49, Walde 1930: 1.542)
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Classical Armenian զի zi because Often preceded by վասն vasn [ʋɑsən] 'for the sake of; on account of' (an Iranian loan). Potentially analyzable as z-i, i.e. զ- z- (Nota Accusativi = Def. dir. object marker) and ի i 'thing; matter' (Cf. the interrogative զի՞ z-i? 'what?; why?'). View
2 Avestan because ★★★ View
3 Vedic Sanskrit because ★★★ View
4 Polish bo because Alternative lexemes: 'dlatego że', 'ponieważ', 'gdyż', 'albowiem'. They are less or more formal. ★★ View
5 Belarusian бо because An alternative lexeme is 'таму што'. ★★★ View
6 Slovak lebo ˈlɛbɔ because ★★ View
7 Old Prussian beggi because comp. fr. IE *bhe- (Walde 1930: 2.136) and IE *ghe-, gho (1.542) ★★ View
8 Lithuanian kadangi kɐˈda:ŋɡɪ because ★★★ View
9 [Legacy] Slovak P LEBO because ★★ View