Cognate class 1970

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Notes = NPers. PARTOFTON 'to throw'?, this is judged to be a loanword which spread across neighboring languages (Cheung 2007: 385), but see Celtic words in /cognate/1064/, Walde has "comparable" to Skt. THUTKARA- (1930: 2.683) which in turn is cogn. with /cognate/1792/
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Tajik TUF KARDAN spit ★★ View
2 Persian TOF KARDAN spit ★★ View
3 Shughni tuf čidow spit ★★ View
4 Sarikoli tы čɛyg(ɛw) spit ★★ View
5 Ossetic tu kaenyn tu kænɨn spit ★★ View
6 Ossetic Iron tu kɐn- tu kɐn- spit ★★ View
7 Ossetic Digor tu kɐn- / liχstɐ kɐn- (spit.PL do) tu kɐn- / liχstɐ kɐn- spit ★★ View