Cognate class 1451

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Notes prob. related to 'void excrement' prob. cf. Lat.: cacare (Buck1949)
Citation: Scarborough, Matthew (University of Cambridge/Max Planck Institute for the Science ... Pages: View Split Greek κακός /lexeme/7488/ from this class into a new class /cognate/4977/.
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Albanian KEKJ bad View
2 Standard Albanian i, e keq bad Also 'evil'. From PAlb *kakja, related to Gk κακος 'bad'. ★★★ View
3 Albanian Gheg KEKJ bad View
4 Avestan akō bad ★★ View
5 Avestan aγō bad ★★★ View
6 [Legacy] Albanian T keq kɛcɕ bad DKB has: I KEG, E KEGE View