Cognate class 1247

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Notes cogn. with 'fat' in /cognate/1225/ and prob. also related to the root in 'swell' in /cognate/939/ (Buck 1949: 887)
  Language Lexeme Phonological Meaning Notes Rating
1 Old Church Slavonic тлъстъ tl̩stʊ̆ thick In the Canon only a verbal derivative is attested ('отлъстѣти'). The adjective occurs in younger texts. X View
2 Russian толстый 'tɔɫstɨj thick ★★ View
3 Belarusian тоўсты ˈtɔwstɨ thick ★★ View
4 Ukrainian товстий tɔʋˈstɪj thick An alternative lexeme is 'грубий'. ★★★ View
5 Czech tlustý ˈtlustiː thick ★★★ View
6 Sorbian Upper tołsty ˈtostɘ̟ thick ★★ View
7 Sorbian Lower tłusty ˈtwustɘ̟ thick ★★ View
8 [Legacy] Russian P TOLSTYJ thick ★★ View
9 [Legacy] Polish P TLUSTY thick ★★ View
10 [Legacy] Byelorussian P TOUSTY thick ★★ View
11 [Legacy] Ukrainian P TOUSTYJ thick ★★ View
12 [Legacy] Czech E TLUSTE thick ★★ View
13 [Legacy] Slovak P TLSTY thick ★★ View
14 [Legacy] Czech P TLUSTY thick ★★ View